Cover Image for Ultra Courtside NBA Tickets: NBA Virtual Fans tickets available through Michelob Ultra campaign

Ultra Courtside NBA Tickets: NBA Virtual Fans tickets available through Michelob Ultra campaign

Gautham Balaji
|Mon Aug 03 2020

Ultra Courtside NBA Tickets are now available thanks to Michelob. NBA Virtual Fans can get their tickets via entering the campaign. 

During the NBA restart, you would have definitely not missed the hundreds of virtual fans courtside, springing out of their video screens.

The NBA restart will not have any crowd as a precaution against the raging coronavirus. Hence, to enhance the experience of the fans, NBA has partnered with Microsoft. Together, they have found other novel methods to help fans get up-close to the action.

However, while the NBA virtual fan experience seems brilliant, a lot of fans have been asking the question as to how they can get onto that LED screen.

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That is where Michelob Ultra comes in. Their ‘Ultra Courtside’ campaign is aimed at giving fans a chance to get on the ‘NBA Virtual Fans’ screen inside the NBA Bubble.

Ultra Courtside NBA- How to be an NBA Virtual Fan?

To be an NBA Virtual Fan and watch the action live, fans must register at The popular beer brand, which is also an NBA sponsor, has made a microsite in order to get an ‘expression of interest’ from fans that want to get up on the Virtual fans screen.

The @NBA Season is here! Who’s going to the Finals? Possibly you. Reply with #ULTRACourtside and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win 2 virtual courtside seats to the NBA Finals.

  • Visit the ‘Ultra Courtside’ website, fill up the form with your details and hope you get picked by the Michelob campaign for a chance to feature on the famous LED screen
  • Once selected, fans will receive their unique username and password for the Microsoft teams app, with instructions on how to set everything up
  • Michelob Ultra’s Instagram and Twitter channel will also promote the campaign and you can sign up for Virtual fans through social media as well

Additionally, their social media channels will also have giveaway contests for fans to participate in. The campaign is also being promoted throughout social media with the hashtag #UltraCourtside.

If selected, fans will need to adhere to a ”virtual fan conduct agreement’, so as to not indulge in any kind of obscenity on screen.

What is the NBA Virtual Fan Experience?

The NBA powered by Microsoft has set up 17-foot digital screens along the sides of the courts. The ‘Together Mode’ will help to fill up these screens with the virtual presence of fans who have been selected. These fans will also get a live feed of the game on their screens itself.

A total of 320 fans can be placed together at one time on these display boards. Fans will also watch the gave from the court-side perspective and react to the action in real-time. They will also be able to interact virtually with their fellow supporters.

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The players will also be able to hear the fans speak and interact with the action in real-time.

The setup for NBA Virtual fans is powered by the ‘Together Mode’ of Microsoft Teams. Users need to use the ‘Teams’ desktop app to join the ‘meeting’. They’ll need to set their webcam up in order to get the best possible experience.

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