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Unlike D’Angelo Russell’s ‘Rich People’ Plans, Lakers’ Max Christie’s Plans for $500,000 Prize Money Leaves Twitter Impressed

Siddid Dey Purkayastha

Unlike D’Angelo Russell’s ‘Rich People’ Plans, Lakers’ Max Christie’s Plans for $500,000 Prize Money Leaves Twitter Impressed

The Los Angeles Lakers have another major trophy to add to their cabinet after beating the Indiana Pacers 123-109 to win the inaugural NBA Cup. The Lakeshow’s victory secured $500,000 for each player as a cash prize from the tournament. While most players on the team might have big plans to splurge their cash prize, the Lakers sophomore star, Max Christie’s financial plans have managed to impress NBA Twitter!

When Christie was asked after the game about his plans to spend his half a million, his response was quite intriguing. As seen in this clip posted by X (formerly Twitter) user, Oh no he didn’t, Christie told the reporters, “I’mma save it [the $500,000], that’s what I’m gonna do… probably no big purchase…young kid, a lot of time…it’ll pay off in the end.”

LeBron James had successfully motivated his teammates to win this tournament to chase this big cash prize. Some X users have found Christie’s answer quite endearing, even comparing the Lakers guard’s mindset to that of LeBron James. Look at some of these replies from X that show how Christie’s response has impressed fans.

By winning the In-Season tournament, the Lakers players have also earned a significant increase in their salaries. Though Anthony Davis and LeBron James have only earned a 1.2% increase in their season income, Max Christie has garnered a significant 29% increase in his salary following this win.

D’Angelo Russell has starkly contrasting plans compared to Max Christie

While Max Christie is planning for a long-term investment of his prize money, D’Angelo Russell’s plans seem to be completely the opposite. Russell has plans to use this money for vacation during the summer and the All-Star break. Here is what the Lakers point guard had to say about spending his new bag.

Many fans have reacted to Russell’s plans, some even calling this “Rich People Problems.” 

Whatever the players may decide to do with this money, the In-Season tournament has definitely given them a boost for the season. Perhaps retaining this winning mentality, the Lakers can now contend for a top seed in the playoffs this season.

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Siddid Dey Purkayastha

Siddid Dey Purkayastha


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