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What Degree Did Angel Reese Get From LSU? Taking a Closer Look at Chicago Sky Star’s Academic Career

Prateek Singh

What Degree Did Angel Reese Get From LSU? Taking a Closer Look at Chicago Sky Star's Academic Career

Angel Reese has climbed up the ranks to stardom while playing for the LSU. During her two-year tenure, she set records, stirred up controversies, and brought home an NCAA Championship. Now, she is on a new journey as a WNBA rookie. Amidst all that, one important thing was missing, her college degree, which Reese has finally obtained, thus closing a glorious LSU chapter. But what did she study in college and what degree did she graduate with?

The 22-year-old is touted to be one of the best players in the country at the moment. But don’t let the on-court brilliance fool you into believing that Reese wasn’t putting in the work in classrooms. The Chicago Sky rookie graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations and minors in Communication Studies, Leadership Development, and Psychology.

On the court, Reese was incredible for LSU during her 2 years. The 22-year-old led her team from the front and took the LSU to their first-ever NCAA trophy. Additionally, she also set some benchmarks and records for herself along the way. Reese registered 61 double-doubles during her tenure with LSU, she scored in double digits in every game that she played for the LSU, and she made First-Team All-American in both her seasons in Louisiana.

Her record-breaking LSU stint also included an NCAA record of 34 double-doubles in 2022-23. If you can build a resume that impressive by the age of 22, you get the right to brag about anything you want. Taking advantage of that, Reese recently bragged about her degree on X.

Angel Reese claps back at her haters on the internet

Reese has had a no-nonsense attitude for a while now. The Sky rookie doesn’t mince her words while addressing something she feels passionate about and her on-court game. This was one reason why she and Caitlin Clark got into a scuffle during the 2023 NCAA season which ended up becoming a national debate for a few weeks. However, this time, it won’t go to extreme levels as Reese is hitting back at her haters and doubters.

Upon receiving her degree, the 22-year-old posted on X, “So now what? what was said? oh okay that’s what i thought. I graduated from THE LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY IN 4 YEARS ON TIME. I thought somebody without a college degree said sum.”

The LSU alum is in the mood to celebrate this monumental event, and with everything else she has achieved lately, it’s only fair that she announces her major win for the world to notice.

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