What is Happening With Andrew Wiggins? Internet Wonders About the Prolonged Absence of Warriors Forward

Akash Murty
|Published 19/03/2023

One of the Golden State Warriors’ most important players of their 2022 Championship run, Andrew Wiggins, has missed The Dubs’ last 14 games for a ‘personal matter’ as Dub Nation wonders, what is happening with Andrew Wiggins?

There has been some kind of trouble in his family that has led the 6ft 7’, #1 pick of the 2014 draft to miss his team’s 14 outings since mid-February. But most fans aren’t wondering anymore.

A rumour started circulating a couple of days ago that Wiggins’ partner, Mychal Johnson, who he has been dating since his University days in Kansas, had cheated on him with his best friend.

What is happening with Andrew Wiggins?

If these rumours and the internet had stopped at just that it would have been too nasty already, as there have been no details or any type of secret discussions in the organization about what is going on with the former Timberwolves star.

However, that was not the end of it. The internet also dragged his kids into it with no substantial source, to begin with. And that’s why we wouldn’t be discussing further about it.

It’s disgusting to just vomit something about somebody’s life, not thinking about what it can lead up to. And these rumours did make Mychal sick, who expressed it with some posts recently.

The couple has two daughters, Amyah Wiggins, born in 2018, and Alayah Milan, born in 2021. We just hope these kids don’t suffer because of the ruthlessness of the internet.

Has Wiggins responded to these awful rumours?

Wiggins is more of a ‘keep it within’ guy and has not spoken on the subject yet. And with the Grizzlies’ challenge ahead of them tonight, and 11 more games after it, there is still no update about him, from him.

And thankfully, his team, who are not so great at keeping secrets, have managed to keep it within for more than a month, not saying anything more than whatever the 2022 All-Star is dealing with, is bigger than basketball.

Head coach Steve Kerr recently expressed “hope” of getting his second-best player back in action with his team facing difficulties in hanging on to the 6th place in the West. With the possibility of a Play-in tournament hovering above his head, Steve said the team is giving Wiggins his space.

“We’re giving him his space as he deals with something that’s way more important than the game,” Kerr said.


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