When Rachel Nichols Choked Up While Talking About Kobe Bryant and Gianna’s Bond

Adit Pujari
|Published October 01, 2022

Journalist Rachel Nichols was swept by emotions while discussing Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna after the tragic crash.

Kobe Bryant was a fearsome competitor. His in-game focus and intensity rivaled even Michael Jordan. Often considered one of the greatest to ever play the game, the Los Angeles Angels legend dominated the league in the 2000s.

He won 5 championships with gold and purple. With him, the Lakers reached ever greater heights. They pushed their total title count to 16.

After a 20-year-long career, Bryant finally retired from NBA in 2016. In his career, Bryant effectively achieved everything possible.

On January 26, 2020, Bean was headed to a youth basketball game. He was accompanied by his daughter Gianna, a couple of her teammates, their parents, and an assistant coach.

After an erratic flight, the helicopter crashed in the Calabasas hills. Though the investigation proved no issues with the helicopter, the entire incident raised some serious questions.

For one, the helicopter was flying too low, especially in terrible weather. Additionally, the heli was also missing the black box and a terrain awareness warning system.

After the crash, the world mourned the loss of all present in the helicopter. The entire NBA community was shocked beyond measure. Players, pundits, and fans alike grieved for the superstar and his daughter.

It’s been almost three years since then and Kobe’s loss still haunts the world. Rachel Nichols, formerly ESPN, was overcome by emotions while talking about Bryant and his daughter.

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Kobe Bryant and Gianna’s death deeply impacted Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols is one of the most well-known and respected American journalists. The host of ‘Jump,’ which also featured Tracy McGrady, Nichols was fired by ESPN in 2021. A leaked tape of her insensitive comments on Maria Taylor led to the firing.

In 2020 Rachel was still a host on Jump. A close associate of Bryant and his rival turned friend T-Mac reacted to the crash on live TV.

She fondly remembered how much Kobe appreciated and loved his daughters. She also recalled how he had spent the month before the crash on the bleachers of her daughter’s game.

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During her emphatic monologue about the two, Nichols choked up. Her intense emotions were proof of the impact Kobe had left on the entire world.

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