“When you gonna come and hang out with me, Dennis Rodman?! You know I miss ya!!”: Michael Jordan asks his former Bulls teammate and fellow Top-75 player to meet more often

Akash Murty
|Published February 24, 2022

During their reunion at NBA’s Top-75 event, Michael Jordan told Dennis Rodman to hang out with him, admitting that he misses him.

The NBA All-Star weekend is one of the most eventful days in North American sports. The courtside seats to these games have always been full of celebrities throughout the years.

But this year was like none before. The NBA celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021 and announced its Top-75 player of all time at the start of the 2021-22 season. And this past weekend at the All-Star night, the league organized a ceremony and brought most of its 75 (plus one) all-time greats on one stage for a team photo.

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Michael Jordan came in pretty late for the prestigious night because of his commitment to the Daytona 500. He flew into the NBA event as soon that race ended with Bubba Wallace finishing second. But the number 1 player on NBA’s best list still looked the most excited among all present.

He snuck behind many current and past superstars to give them the warmest of hugs. Dennis Rodman was among those lucky people who got to share the moment with his former Bulls teammate.

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Michael Jordan misses Dennis Rodman

Jordan once again created many memories for the NBA community when he finally showed up for the Top-75 events. One among those memories is his picture with Dennis the Menace. During that Bulls’ reunion, MJ was heard saying this to Rodman.

“What up, boy?… Man, I can’t complain. When you gonna come and hang out with me? Come on, man, come hang out with me. You know I miss ya,”

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The pair had one of the strangest relationships in the league during their time in Chicago. Both of them played together for just three years, winning NBA titles in all three of them.

Although “His Airness” was pretty famous for getting into his own teammates’ heads to get the best out of them, he didn’t try any of his antics near Rodman. But just once in those 3-years, he got pissed off from Dennis’ behavior when Scottie Pippen was out injured, and he let the man know.

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The duo never had a great friendship off the court during their playing days and that is a well-known fact in their fan base. So now, watching a 59-year-old MJ calling a 60-year-old Rodman to hang out would melt many people’s hearts in the basketball community.

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