Whilst Butting Heads With Klay Thompson, Dillon Brooks Clarified His ‘$35,000 Shove’ On The Cameraman

Nithin Joseph
|Published 19/03/2023

Dillon Brooks is one of the most controversial figures in the NBA today. Loud, cocky, and downright annoying are just some of the ways opponents would describe Brooks. But, to his teammates on the Memphis Grizzlies, he is the engine of the team that brings all the energy onto the court.

Nevertheless, there are times when the energy he brings can be a bit too much. Like, when the Grizzlies took on the Miami Heat last Thursday. Brooks made headlines for shoving a cameraman, a move that got him fined $35,000. It was brash and uncalled for, but he recently clarified his actions.

After the match against the Golden State Warriors, fresh off going toe-to-toe with Klay Thompson, Brooks claimed that the shove was an accident and that he would be calling the cameraman and checking up on his status.

Dillon Brooks claims his $35,000 shove on cameraman was unintentional and that he will check on him

In recent years, Dillon Brooks has been a pain to many an NBA player. However, his recent actions have left others in pain as well, in particular, one cameraman at the Grizzlies-Miami game on Thursday.

After attempting a three-pointer, the Grizzlies star watched as the ball bounced off the rim. The ball was then kept in play by a teammate who just about managed to send it toward the sideline. In what would have been an incredible showcase of hustle, Brooks kept the ball in play, rushing to the sideline and preventing it from going out of bounds.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, he shoved an unsuspecting cameraman to the floor. A shove that earned him a $35,000 fine. However, in stark contrast to his personality, Dillon did not defend his actions. Rather, he clarified that it was unintentional, and even promised to check on the cameraman he had shoved.

It’s nice to see the Grizzlies star taking accountability for his actions. Although, that hasn’t prevented him from riling up his opponents. Just ask Klay Thompson, who had an exchange with Brooks during their most recent game.

Brooks and Klay Thompson continued to butt heads at the most recent meeting between the Warriors and Grizzlies

The biggest rivalry in today’s NBA is without a doubt between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies. In particular, the rivalry is especially heated between Dillon Brooks and Klay Thompson. The two have gone at it every chance they’ve got, and the most recent meeting between the Dubs and the Grizz did not disappoint. Brooks told Thompson he “sucks”, and Klay responded by reminding the forward that he has four rings that say otherwise.

It certainly is turning into a rivalry for the ages. Hopefully, it gets to play out at the highest level possible. In the Western Conference Finals in the NBA Playoffs.

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