NBA news: Why is ‘Boycott NBA’ and ‘Boycott NFL’ trending on Twitter?

Saurav Sharma
|Published July 03, 2020

The NBA and NFL are facing criticism from fans for politicising their respective sports. Hence, Boycott NBA and Boycott NFL have been trending.

The NFL is facing criticism over their decision to allow players to kneel during the National anthem of America before an NFL game. Moreover, the recent news from Washington Redskins about changing their team name has angered some fans even further.  The term “Redskin” is to refer to a Native North American Indian.

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The same goes for The NBA as it has allowed players to replace the name on their jerseys with any social cause that they stand for. The courts in Orlando will also have ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted all over.

American citizens are now using Hashtags like #BoycottNBA and #BoycottNFL to show their protest against the Leagues to politicize a particular issue.

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NBA Fans question highlighting only ‘Black Lives Matter’

The majority of Americans are seeing these actions as a way to divide the nation. Citizens are concerned with the fact that the players and the leagues are only focusing on the “Black lives Matter” and are quiet on topics like Hong Kong protests.

One of the reasons that the NBA and the players have not talked over this because of the fact the China is a huge investor and revenue generator for the NBA and the players.

Boycott NBA and Boycott NFL trending on Twitter

The NFL plans to play the Black national anthem ‘Lift every Voice and Sing’ which is heavily criticized by the American citizens. They are asking whether they have a national anthem for the whites?. They think the national anthem is for the American citizens and this is not needed. To show there protest they are boycotting the NFL league by using the #BoycottNFL, which is trending on twitter.

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The fire has now reached the NBA as people are also using #BoycottNBA as it is doing the same by painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the courts.

While the NFL and NBA are taking giant strides in making racism go away in the United States, some fans feel that this would indeed hurt the sport and the movement in the long run.

What do you make of it?

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