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“Winning the 1992 Olympic gold was Scottie Pippen’s biggest achievement”: The Hall of Famer felt playing alongside Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird was beyond special

Arun Sharma

"Winning the 1992 Olympic gold was Scottie Pippen's biggest achievement": The Hall of Famer felt playing alongside Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird was beyond special

Scottie Pippen was a legend who was remembered as the Robin to Jordan’s Batman

Scottie Pippen might have 3-peated twice, but he thinks his best achievement is the time he won the gold with the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. It is understandable, since that roster was packed! Imagine getting the chance to play with Larry Bird, John Stockton, Michael Jordan and a lot more. There is something really patriotic in representing your country, and the opportunity to do it at the pinnacle of sports history is a dream come true.

At club level, Pippen was playing with the greatest of all time, and when the opportunity presented itself to represent the USA, he took it. Competing in the NBA is one thing, but competition against the best in the world is one level higher.

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Scottie Pippen deserves more recognition for his game.

When you get a compliment from Jordan saying that he cannot win a championship without him, you know you are very good. Pippen enjoyed his best years with the Bulls from 1987-1998. Considered by NBA fans and players alike to be one of the best Small Forwards of all time, Scottie made the all-NBA team 8 years in a row. One of four players to ever get their number retired by the Bulls, it shows how important he was.

The 1992 championship came exactly one year after the Bulls won their first championship, and there is slight doubt that winning the medal put a fire in both Jordan and and Pippen’s belly that started their serial winning. The Dream Team had a few competitors from the rest of the world like Toni Kukoc and Drazen Petrovic, but it was no trouble for them. Drazen was probably the only one who believed who believed he could beat them, but Scottie and team made sure it was light work.

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Pippen may not have been the most flashy player out there, but he was an essential tool in every team he played, be it the Chicago Bulls or the 1992 Dream team.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


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