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“I Told Michael Jordan, I Can’t Hang Till 4 AM, Have Drinks, Play Golf and Drop 30”: Magic Johnson Recalls Being Teammates with Bulls legend

Arjun Julka

"I Told Michael Jordan, I Can't Hang Till 4 AM, Have Drinks, Play Golf and Drop 30": Magic Johnson Recalls Being Teammates with Bulls legend

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan was a freak of nature, something his peers and teammates could attest to, having witnessed it first-hand, with his decorated resume only adding to it. The Bulls legend’s skill set, coupled with his unattainable competitive zeal, made him an all-time great.

However, this doesn’t mean that His Airness didn’t have fun. The six-time champion’s gambling and golf stories never get old, with fans always ready to revisit them on a timely basis. Nevertheless, it wasn’t every pro athlete’s cup of tea to maintain a work-life balance like MJ.

During a recent appearance on NFL veteran and Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, Hall of Famer Magic Johnson stated how MJ could gamble, drink, play golf, and still be able to drop 30-points by halftime, something he could never imagine doing himself.

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Recalling instances during their Dream Team stint in Barcelona, Johnson dished out his pre-game routine, diametrically opposite to that of His Airness.

Magic Johnson hilariously recalls Michael Jordan inviting him to hang out.

Though they were fierce competitors on the hardwood, Magic and MJ shared a great friendship off the court. Thus when the two were teammates during the 1992 Olympics, one would expect them to hang out on a regular basis. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the case, courtesy of Magic.

The legendary point guard could not keep up with Jordan’s off-court lifestyle, shedding light on them in the following clip, addressing how the Bulls guard’s all-rounder routine was impossible to emulate.

When asked how Jordan managed his extravagant life without hampering his output on the court, Magic said the following.

“He (MJ) was the strongest not basketball player but athlete I’d ever seen,” said Magic.

Referring to the six-time Finals MVP’s night outs and gambling plans, Magic said.

“If I was to do that, I’d be 0-for-15, no assists, I’d be dragging, and he’d try to get me to do it with him during the Dream Team.”

“I said, Mike, I can’t hang at 4 o’clock, you have your drinks, get up, go play 18-rounds of golf, sleep for an hour, and then come get 30 by half time, I can’t do that.”

The Lakers MVP revealed how he preferred quiet surroundings and some of his music as a pre-game routine, adding how he got to three-four hours earlier during their Olympic games in Barcelona.

The 1992 USA Dream Team

The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona was a historic moment for USA Basketball, who had assembled the best talents from the NBA in its first. With names like MJ, Magic, Bird, Barkley, and Malone, Team USA coasted for a gold medal with an 8-0 record, beating opponents with large margins.

At the time, Magic was dealing with the constant scrutiny around his testing HIV positive. Struggling with knee issues, the five-time champion played his heart out.

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