Nemanja Vidic pips Virgil Van Dijk to be voted the greatest Premier League defender

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|Published 12/09/2019

Nemanja Vidic pips Virgil Van Dijk to be voted the greatest Premier League defender in a public poll conducted recently.

Virgil Van Dijk’s phenomenal performance last season saw him bag the PFA and UEFA Men’s player of the season. He is tipped to win the Ballon d’Or this year and according to any Liverpool fan, the greatest defender to grace the Premier League. However, not many share this thought.

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Sky Sports, ahead of Vincent Kompany’s testimonial, conducted a poll on their Twitter to determine the best defender to have ever played in the Premier League.

The 8 players picked for the contest were all heavyweights. Kompany himself, Virgil Van Dijk, Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, John Terry, Nemanja Vidic, Tony Adams and Jaap Stam were the contestants.

Quarter Finals

The first rounds pit, Vincent Kompany against Jaap Stam. The Man City legend narrowly outvoted Stam to advance to the semi-final.

Virgil Van Dijk had an even closer shave against former Arsenal Skipper Tony Adams.

Nemanja Vidic and John Terry had the closest clash of all. However, the former United centre back snuck through to the Semis.

Rio Ferdinand took on Sol Campbell for the last spot and the United Legend won with a landslide majority.

Semi Finals

The first Semi-final pit the two still active defenders, Virgil Van Dijk and Vincent Kompany against each other. Van Dijk went through with another close victory.

On the other side of the Bracket, arguably United’s best backline partners took on each other. Vidic rather surprisingly took the round with a healthy margin.

Nemanja Vidic pips Virgil Van Dijk to be voted the greatest Premier League defender

The final saw Vidic face Van Dijk. With 34,593 votes, this was the most interacted clash in the contest. Despite van Dijk’s recent surge in popularity, Vidic’s five league titles and a Champions League trophy became too hard to ignore as the United legend won 55% votes in his favour to be crowned the greatest defender in the Premier League.

Van Dijk so far, has had only one full season with Liverpool under his belt. He has already achieved so much in such a short span and to already be considered the second best, at least by the voting public, is a feat in itself. Surely by the end of his career he will be in the position to genuinely claim a stake in the discussion of the greatest to ever defend in the Premier League.

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