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Neymar Crying: PSG Superstar breaks down in tears after Champions League final loss

Archie Blade

Neymar Crying PSG Superstar breaks down in tears after Champions League final loss

Neymar Crying: PSG Superstar breaks down in tears after crushing 0-1 Champions League final loss to Bayern Munich.

PSG reached the finals of the Champions League for the first time in their history. They were up against a formidable Bayern Munich side but backed themselves to go the distance. In the end, it was the German side who held their own and lifted their 6th Champions League trophy.

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PSG, spearheaded by Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, made some good chances but failed to finish including a glorious chance by the latter who only needed to beat Neuer but shot the ball straight at him instead. Bayern did not fare all that better but finished one more than PSG could finish courtesy of Kingsley Coman. That was enough to give them the much coveted trophy.

Neymar breaks down in tears

As the final whistle blew, PSG Superstar Neymar was inconsolable. Bayern’s David Alaba consoled his opponent making for a beautiful moment.

However, While Mbappe was crestfallen, the Brazilian was outright heartbroken with the loss. He had moved to PSG to take the next step in his career and it seemed he would finally find vindication in his decision. Instead, he goes back home with a medal around his neck that will serve as a cruel reminder of this loss.

Regardless, the club should be proud of their achievements and the loss should serve as a fuel to go one step further next season. They are too dominant in their country and financially strapped to go down the same way last year’s finalists Tottenham did.

Bayern Munich on the other hand, have won all 11 of their Champions League matches this season. This makes them the first to do and the first unbeaten Champion since Manchester United in 2007/08.

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