Redemption for Brazil as Neymar Brings Back The Samba Magic !

Siddharth Nair
|Published August 22, 2016

Redemption for Brazil as Neymar Brings Back The Samba Magic to a country who still remembers what happened two years ago in the World cup Semi Final against the same opponents who Brazil faced in the Olympic final.

7- 1 !

7-1 ! Two years ago, Germany humiliated Brazil in their own backyard in the World Cup Semi Final. People knew that the Brazilian team was not as great as the ones from the past but no one could imagined the destruction that unfolded that fateful night.


One notable exemption from that night was Neymar. It has long been said that the Neymar that turns out for Brazil is far superior than the Neymar that plies his trade in Barcelona. In Spain he is one of the three kings at the Nou Camp while he is the undisputed champion for Brazil.

His back injury in the quarter final against Columbia that ruled him out of the World Cup turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he took no part in that ill fated semi final.

One Man Team !

Fast forward to 2016 and here was Neymar leading his country in to the Olympic Final against Germany. This was not the first time that Neymar was producing a solo effort and dragging his team through a major tournament. (Neymar Brings Back The Samba Magic)


He had done it in the Confederations Cup in 2013 and was the driving force behind Brazil’s road to the Semi Finals one year later. And here he was again scoring spectacular goals and inspiring his team towards the one title that Brazil has never won.

All eyes were on Neymar as there was a lot talk about revenge. Neymar remained calm throughout the build up saying that his talking will be done on the football pitch. And boy did he talk !

Olympic Glory At Last ?

A sensational free kick goal kick started the proceedings as Neymar unleashed a special strike in the top corner. Germany came back slowly in to the game and finally leveled it up and took it to penalties. (Neymar Brings Back The Samba Magic)


After a series of perfect penalties Germany missed one and the Maracana exploded with joy. And then came the moment that was written in the stars. Neymar went up to take the penalty, to finally win Olympic gold for his nation and to wipe out the memories from that semi final.

One swift kick straight down the middle and Brazil rejoiced again. Neymar broke down in tears as did most of his team mates and their coach. Half the crowd were jumping up and down in joy, half were weeping with the team , the emotion of it all just overwhelming everybody inside the historic Maracana. (Neymar Brings Back The Samba Magic)

Neymar’s Destiny !


You just knew that this was Neymar’s moment. He is the golden boy of Brazil. the one great player in a very average Brazilian generation of players. He has carried the hopes of a football mad nation for a long time and you could see how much this meant to him especially.

The boy who seemed destined for greatness has brought Brazil their first Olympic Gold. Next up is the World Cup !

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