After Aaron Rodgers’ Departure, Will Packers Look Into Giannis Antetokounmpo Who Once Made a Perfect Snap?

Neha Joshi
|Published 16/03/2023

The Greek Freak is trying to determine the criteria voters use when they cast their ballots to choose MVPs. Giannis Antetokounmpo seemed frustrated when he answered questions about how he is dealing with the uncertainty the impending decision is bringing him. But this is certainly just a fleeting feeling. We will see a powerful Antetokounmpo again. Fans would especially want to see his snapper form again.

Back in 2018, the 28-year-old star player must have watched a lot of football games before throwing the perfect pass down the floor to Khris Middleton. The snap was so perfect that it made the NBA Champion rethink his career choices. Given the departure of the star QB of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, the team could have looked into the Bucks star as a recent addition.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo wowed the audience with his breathtaking snap

Although the positions of a QB and a deep snapper are vastly different, the way the star hooper played would have made team executives consider him as a shot-caller.

During the Bucks’ victory over the Washington Wizards, the NBA’s newest megastar made a flawless long snap to Khris Middleton, who completed the unusual assist with an uncontested slam. The All-Star’s form was tall and strong. He did not look and shot right through in between his legs.

After the big win, the two-time NBA MVP winner gave interviews. He confidently said, “I probably could be a football player.” Though his skills are best suited for a long snapper, he, being a native of Greece, incorrectly confused that position with that of a pitcher in the interview. However, reporters corrected him.

In the 104-95 victory, Antetokounmpo ended with 27 points, 20 rebounds, and 6 assists. This season, he has averaged 28.4 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 4.5 assists. If only the Green Bay Packers had not signed a new long snapper, they could have directed their interest toward the NBA All-Star Game MVP.

Packers signed a Super Bowl-winning snapper

As the teams are adding new weapons to their rosters, the Packers acquired a three-year-long snapper. Matt Orzech spent two years with the Super Bowl LVI winner, the Los Angeles Rams. This is their first pick from the free agency market.

Before the Rams, he snapped for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019. Orzech signed with the Ravens after graduating from Azusa Pacific without being selected for the draft. Although he wasn’t selected for their roster, the Jaguars picked him up off waivers because they liked what they saw during their joint workouts with Baltimore.

The 27-year-old spent time on the Tennessee Titans’ practice squad in 2020 but could not join the Jaguars’ roster. The Titans released him in May 2021, and the Rams picked him up off waivers.

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