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2 Years After Breakup With Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers Expresses Deep Thoughts on Relationships

Anushree Gupta

2 Years After Breakup With Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers Expresses Deep Thoughts on Relationships

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley had a whirling romance that made headlines for its quick leap into engagement. But like a sudden storm, it came to an unexpected end in April 2022. For many, such an emotional rollercoaster could be devastating. But for the Jets quarterback, it’s been a journey of reflection, with one of his desires still strong.

Despite the breakup, Aaron Rodgers‘ dream of starting a family hasn’t moved an inch. After 20 years in the NFL and becoming ‘mildly famous’ as he calls it, he holds onto hopes for the future, something he recently shared with Tucker Carlson.

“I’m going to take a few deep breaths, relax a little bit,” Rodgers shared. “I’ve been doing this for 25 years, playing football, 20 this year in the NFL. I’ve been mildly famous for the last 20 or so years. I’d like to just take a step back and enjoy life in a different way.”

Aaron Rodgers’ words reveal a man who, despite the ups and downs, remains grounded and introspective. He’s content with where he is now but is also excited about what lies ahead.

“I’d like to be a father at some point and take on that chapter in life, which is exciting to me,” Rodgers disclosed.

It’s clear that Aaron Rodgers’ plenty of experiments to find peace and serendipity have helped him embrace the simpler truths in life. While he awaits to reattempt his debut season with the New York Jets, the vision of a family continues to inspire him despite his difficult dating journey.

Aaron Rodgers Presents Star Perspective on Dating

The four-time MVP isn’t just known for his on-field accolades but also his interesting personal life. However, Rodgers’ desire to have a family is inhibited by the challenges of dating as a celebrity. The New York Jets quarterback has had his share of high-profile relationships, including an engagement to actress Shailene Woodley. But dating in the public eye isn’t always a touchdown.

During the same sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson, Aaron Rodgers shared how fame complicates his love life. When Carlson asked, “How hard is it to date when you’re as famous as you are?” Rodgers didn’t sugarcoat his response.

“Oh, it can be hard, yeah, it can be hard for sure,” he admitted. “You become a pretty good judge of character over the years when you make mistakes and trust the wrong people, whether it’s in business or personal life. You can sniff some things out pretty quickly, I think. But you never know.”

Aaron Rodgers reflected on the nature of relationships, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and finding someone who can grow with you. While praising the blossoming union of Tucker Carlson and his wife Susan, which began when the former Fox commentator was just 16, Rodgers further said,

“The most beautiful thing about that, which is the hardest thing about relationships in general that I’ve seen with my friends, is how do you grow together?” he asked, adding, “Finding someone who’s willing to grow with you and be into what you’re into, and that you have your own separate life, which is beautiful and big and full, and then you come together—it’s really important.”

The Jets quarterback also touched on his own struggles with codependency in past relationships. But, these challenges haven’t affected his optimism about the future.

Even amidst the difficulties and at least six failed relationships that we know of, Aaron Rodgers remains confident of finding everything he desires in the future. Meanwhile, he is focused on doing what he does best—playing ball and enjoying life.

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