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2 Years Before They Roped in His Brother Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce Could Have Been a Kansas City Chief

Yagya Bhargava

Jason Kelce Hints Potential Opportunity at Kansas City Chiefs Before Brother Travis' Draft Pick

Picture Travis and Jason Kelce, rocking the Chiefs jersey together, hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy high above their heads. That’s the NFL fantasy that could’ve been if Eagles legend Jason Kelce had suited up for the team that showed interest in him during the 2011 NFL Draft.

During Jason’s conversation with NFL Network about his NFL Draft journey in 2011, Kelce revealed that the Eagles weren’t the sole team eyeing the future Hall of Fame center. In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs also showed a significant level of interest in drafting him.

Now imagine the elder Kelce donning the Kansas City Chiefs jersey, snapping the ball to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who connects with Travis for a crucial first down. Moreover, it was Andy Reid who drafted both of the brothers, albeit to different teams. Here is what Jason said:

I knew I was a Day 3 guy. I had two teams really interested, Kansas City and the Philadelphia Eagles. I thought these were the two teams that showed early interest in the process.”

Would Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Jason’s younger brother, still have landed with Kansas City in 2013 if Jason had already been on the roster? Could the Chiefs boast more Super Bowl rings with the sensational trio leading the charge? What if we lived in a world where the Kelce brothers shared the field together?

Jason Kelce, with his revelation, opened up a tantalizing “What if” scenario in the minds of the fans who’ve grown quite attached to the Eagles legend, especially in the last year. However, the draft day wasn’t all that smooth for Jason, who expected a different outcome than he got.

Jason Kelce’s Draft Expectations Were Shattered

Jason epitomizes the classic elder brother archetype among the Kelce brothers. He’s the gentle, nurturing soul who doesn’t take nonsense unless provoked. Known for his discipline, he can show a hint of crankiness or grumpiness when situations don’t align with his expectations. And that’s precisely how his Draft Day saga unfolded.

I decided I didn’t want to watch the draft. My family, my brother, my mom, my dad, my uncle, we all went bowling. Round 4 passes, Round 5 passes, at this point, we’re done bowling.”

While Jason expected to get picked by round three, he received a call from then-Eagles head coach Andy Reid in round 6. Reid inquired about his health and despite having undergone an appendectomy a month ago, Jason assured Reid that he was fit and ready for action.

Although he was initially frustrated by the delay in being drafted, the moment he received the call confirming his entry into the NFL, Jason experienced one of the best days of his life. As Jason awaited the call, his family anxiously watched the draft from outside the room, hesitant to disturb him knowing his potential frustration.

Yet, when the Philadelphia Eagles announced their pick, Jason’s father entered the room with tears of joy, echoing the excitement outside. Though Jason couldn’t witness Travis Kelce’s reaction firsthand, Travis undoubtedly felt immense pride knowing his brother had achieved what he had set out to do.

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