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A Year After Brazilian Soccer Star Nutmegged Justin Jefferson, NFL Fans are Demanding a ‘Football’ Re-Match

Yagya Bhargava

A Year After Brazilian Soccer Star Nutmegged Justin Jefferson, NFL Fans are Demanding a 'Football' Re-Match

The bond between Real Madrid’s dynamic winger Vinicius Jr. and American sports stars has only grown stronger over time. Following Vinicius Jr.’s stellar performance with two dazzling goals in the Champions League semi-finals, an eight-month-old video resurfaced on social media. One where the Brazilian soccer sensation and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson are going head-to-head in a soccer skills challenge. Now, NFL fans are clamoring for a rematch.

During the “Game Recognize Game” series, Justin Jefferson and Vinicius Jr. engaged in a series of challenges, blending soccer and football skills. However, it was a particular moment that stole the spotlight: Vinicius Jr.’s epic nutmeg of Justin Jefferson, followed by a goal.

Fans erupted with excitement, flooding the post with demands for a rematch. Some even called for Vinicius Jr. to try his hand at cornerback against the Vikings star, eager to witness the showdown between soccer finesse and football prowess.

Justin found himself facing off against Vinicius not only as a wide receiver but also as a cornerback, completely unaware of the game plan. Justin’s brother Jordan had to step in, designing plays for him to run routes. To everyone’s amazement, Vinicius emerged victorious in both challenges as the two later engaged in the “Griddy.”

The video beautifully showed Justin’s profound admiration for Vinicius despite the language barrier, dubbing him “the best soccer player alive.” Likewise, Vinicius’s admiration for North American sports shone through, evident in his treasured collection of autographed NFL jerseys.

Among his prized possessions were jerseys signed by Justin Jefferson, Tom Brady, JJ Watt, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Joe Burrow, and Saquon Barkley.

Justin Jefferson’s Favorite Soccer Player Vini Jr. Shines In UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

The video featuring Justin Jefferson and Vinicius Jr. went viral due to Vinicius’s stellar performance in the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg against Bayern Munich. The Real Madrid star scored twice, including a late penalty, securing a thrilling 2-2 draw at Allianz Arena.

Vinicius’s opening goal in the 24th minute showcased his consistency, marking his third consecutive season of scoring in the semifinals, just an impressive track record on the grandest soccer stage.

Vinicius Jr. earned the title of MVP for his standout performance in the game, and now all eyes are on the upcoming second leg at Real Madrid’s home stadium. Looking ahead, it’s intriguing to ponder the possibilities for Vinicius beyond soccer.

With his athleticism and skill set, he could certainly explore opportunities in American football, perhaps as a wide receiver or cornerback. If he can hold his own against Justin Jefferson, there’s no doubt he could make waves in the league against other top talents.

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Yagya Bhargava

Yagya Bhargava

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