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Aaron Rodgers Admits He Isn’t 100% Himself As He Grinds Through the Jets OTAs

Anushree Gupta

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Great expectations surrounded Aaron Rodgers since he returned from his year off, because of his Achilles injury. The star quarterback was seen on the practice field with the New York Jets toward the end of last season which appeared reassuring for the fans. However, the star quarterback candidly admitted that he isn’t fully himself yet.

As the Jets proceeded with their Organized Team Activities (OTAs), Aaron Rodgers acknowledged that he is currently only at 90% of his full potential. He further admitted on the ‘Jets Official Podcast‘ that the remaining 10% still remains uncertain.

“I feel much better today than I did yesterday, and I’m sure I’ll feel better next week and the following week,” Rodgers said. “Training camp will be great, and at some point, it’ll just be a distant memory, and I’ll feel like 100% myself. Right now, I’m 90% myself and 10% not sure what’s going on with various parts of my body,” added the quarterback.

This admission is a hard pill to swallow given that in February, Rodgers stated he was close to 100% healed from the torn Achilles on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Therefore, the idea that his recovery progress has seemingly stalled over the past three months is concerning for the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers Reassures That He’s Still Got It

Aaron Rodgers has remained a prominent figure in the NFL for nearly two decades. As 20 years is a long time in any professional landscape to remain relevant, Rodgers’s journey has been particularly tumultuous in recent years. Despite the challenges, his status as a veteran and dynamic player still resonates with his fans. Now, as Rodgers is ready to make a comeback after nearly a year of recovering from an Achilles injury, doubts naturally arise. However, Rodgers is doing his best to reassure everyone—and himself—that he still has what it takes.

“Sometimes most of the time I’m reminding other people that I still got it if they’ve forgotten,” Rodgers said. “Every now and then you surprise yourself and remind yourself that you still got it. We all need that,” he said, adding, “You need those moments to just remind yourself, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a pretty damn good player,’ and we all were the best.”

Aaron Rodgers’s comments highlight the need for self-affirmation, regardless of experience or status. His reassurances are not just for the fans and the team, but also a crucial part of his own mental preparation. And as the Jets gear up for 2024, a few words of self-love could do no harm.

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