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Aaron Rodgers Admits It’s Cool to “Be a Weird Hippie Football Player”

Samnur Reza

Aaron Rodgers Admits It's Cool to "Be a Weird Hippie Football Player"

Aaron Rodgers is the epitome of “being comfortable in his own skin.” Despite playing just four snaps in 2023, the Jets’ QB constantly ruled the spotlight, sometimes with his controversial takes and other times throwing shades at those who wronged him in the past. He has lost friends and even a few sponsorships due to his actions, which Rodgers recently talked about on the ‘I Can Fly’ podcast. Even his own family cut off communications with him; for whatever reason. But he still seems to embrace his alter ego as a “hippie football player”.

During the interview, Rodgers reiterated quite a few times how he only cares about being ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’, even if it meant feeling alone in a crowded room. The four-time MVP embraced his unique self by emphasizing his love for plant medicine, meditation, reading, sometimes spending time on the green, and meeting new people. He feels that he’s “enough right now,” and stresses that he wants to do more and be better. A bit nicer as well, and more present.

It’s how you live an inspired life; inspire people around you,” Rodgers said. “It’s cool to be just yourself. Cool to be just myself; weird, hippie football player — who loves doing plant medicine, meditating, reading a book, then occasionally playing golf, and you know, traveling and meeting people.

A-Rod, however, did acknowledge that he has said “some d*mb things” in his life, which he regrets. But for the most part, he couldn’t be more confident and is determined to move forward with his journey — and advocate for those whose voices may not be heard.

Aaron Rodgers and His Jets Embrace the Solar Eclipse

In the past three weeks, Aaron Rodgers has been rather quiet after two successive rumors sent shockwaves throughout the NFL world. Fans and pundits alike urged the NFL star to stay focused and not make extra noises that could derail the team’s aspirations for the upcoming season. The New York Jets haven’t won a Lombardi since the Moon Landing and currently boast the longest drought for a playoff appearance. So, it can be said with certainty that there’s pressure.

However, just like Rodgers, the Jets have also learned to shrug off pressure. Their very recent Instagram post is a testament to that. As the entire world buzzed with a cosmic event that would again occur after two decades, a total solar eclipse, to be exact; the club’s social media page shared several pictures of their players sporting sunglasses. While these snapshots may not be new, they undoubtedly exude an epic vibe. See for yourselves:


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Fans, however, had other ideas. The majority of them flocked in the comments to throw shade at the Jets’ QB, and it’s nothing short of hilarious. One of these comments read, “Oh, Aaron believes in science today?” Take a look:

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that the Green Gang means business this season, restructuring the O-line in a way that instantly made them one of the biggest powerhouses in the league. If they are able to stay away from injury, it might just be the season for the Jets. But, once again, it’s a big ‘If’.

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