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“Always Wanted to Be a Cowboy”: Tyreek Hill Spills The Beans on Pablo Escobar Comparison by Antonio Brown

Suresh Menon

"You Got 10 Kids?": Antonio Brown Poses Curious Question to Cheetah Tyreek Hill Regarding His Family

What started as a joke has now turned into a clothing brand and a podcast for Antonio Brown. A few months ago, fans started reasoning Brown’s suffering from CTE to rationalize his controversial takes. Brown, however, made the most of the CTE trend against him by launching a clothing line called #CTESPN. Nearly two months after the launch, the former NFL star now has a CTESPN podcast with its first guest being The Cheetah – Tyreek Hill.

One of the idiosyncrasies that Antonio Brown pointed out while introducing Tyreek Hill was the handlebar mustache he was spotted rocking nearly 6 months ago. Brown, after spelling out The Cheetah’s accolades, wondered out loud if his hair was a homage to Mexican drug lord Pablo Escobar. 

“I like that mustache you had too, tell me about that mustache you had during the season. Was that like a Pablo Escobar thing?” quipped Antonio Brown in excitement. In reply, Hill revealed that the inspiration for the mustache stemmed from his desire to be a cowboy when he was a kid.

“I always wanted to be a cowboy when I was a kid,” said Hill.

He further revealed upon questioning that he was a big fan of the character Marshall Dillon from the TV show Gunsmoke growing up and the mustache was thus inspired by him.

The Cheetah revealed that his elite gun-slinging skills inspired him and the fact that he watched the show with his grandparents left him a sentimental value. “Just a gunslinger baby… It’s really just one of them old westerns that I grew up watching with my grandparents.”

Moreover, the Gunsmoke character had more swag than any other white guy on the show, thus gobsmacking a young Hill. “I would say Marshal Dillon had like a different swag about itself than like any other white guy on the show,” he said.

After the conversation on the mustache, AB soon steered the topic to the edge-of-the-seat experience that Hill provides on the field. Unfortunately, it couldn’t have been more awkward.

Kids Awkwardly React to Antonio Brown’s Question on Tyreek Hill

Brown, in his first episode, got to test his awareness when he put two kids on the spot by asking them what they felt when they watched Hill play. The boys, who barely looked 10 years old were taken aback by the spontaneous and eccentric tone of the question and looked deadpan into the face of Brown. 

The polarising NFL star soon salvaged it, however, by putting words into the kids’ mouths and making them agree to his adjectives of excitement and edge-of-the-seat stuff.

Regardless of Brown’s rescue attempt, the deed was done and even Hill looked lowkey amused by the whole ordeal. AB in his true fashion assured Hill that he gets him and other people excited a lot and asked the WR to continue giving people that excitement through his plays. 

“Bro, you get people excited bro, I swear you get me excited bro. Don’t lie, you know how much excitement you give out bro. It’s good to have excitement you know what I’m saying, it’s cause enthusiasm, we got to get people more excited bro, continue to give us that excitement.”

The first episode of the CTESPN Podcast was interesting, to say the least. Yes, there were some awkward moments but what sets apart the podcast from others is the host Antonio Brown. Brown’s eccentric energy and unfiltered questionnaire are a breath of fresh air in today’s PR-driven podcast culture.

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