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Amidst Gigantic Success With SI Swimsuit, Brittany Mahomes Treats Fans With Special Sterling & Bronze Visuals

Aditya Rajput

Former Server Gives Chiefs Fans Another Reason to Hate on Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes is embracing all her roles lately. Amazing wife to stunning model to doting mother, she has been proving to her fans that she can do it all. After making her stunning debut as a rookie model for SI Swimsuit, the former soccer player effortlessly stepped into her mothering shoes and got right back to showing off her adorable kids.

Alongside breaking new barriers, the SI model also showcased some family cuteness with Sterling and Bronze. she took to social media to put up some beautiful videos of her enjoying her time with her children.

She was having fun with her daughter, Sterling, almost having a girls’ day. The young one was obviously thrilled to be in her mother’s company. Brittany even painted her daughter’s nails, which the child promptly picked out.

The two also had a day outside in the sun with Bronze. Brittany took to IG to put up several hilarious and wholesome story updates of her children and her, just having a lot of fun.

This came in as Brittany’s SI rookie debut on the caroet went live on her Instagram. The model has now become a quintessential example of how a mother can balance her personal life with her accomplishments. In fact, she even spoke about her experience as an SI model.

Brittany Mahomes on Being a Sports Illustrated Model

While she has been the epitome of a wife and a mother, Brittany Mahomes has begun making her mark professionally. With her latest debut as an SI swimsuit model, Brittany has shattered glass ceilings. She received lauding praise from SI, who’ve called Brittany a modern-day powerhouse. Moreover, the model herself expressed her sentiments about making the Swimsuit squad.

She said, “I’m truly just so humbled and still in disbelief.” Truly, this is a huge achievement for the model who is showcasing to the world that she isn’t just an NFL wife but that she is also capable of having her own fulfilling career. Moreover, she has proven to all her naysayers that she can take care of her career as well as her family.

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