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Angel Reese Had a Deion Sanders Style Response to Haters Amidst Absence From LSU

Anushree Gupta

Angel Reese Had a Deion Sanders Style Response to Haters Amidst Absence From Lsu

LSU basketball forward Angel Reese is being missed by the team, especially with the lack of clarity around her absence. As supporters eagerly await updates on her status, Reese has managed to keep them engaged through her intriguing presence on TikTok.

After missing two back-to-back games, Reese has yet another cryptic message for the fans, as she posted a video walking around in a pink robe, picking up monologues from none other than Colorado HC Deion Sanders’ books.

Sanders rallied the haters in August as the Colorado Buffaloes made an explosive start to the season. CU’s entry as an unranked team with a completely restructured roster proved every naysayer wrong, at least for the first few games. Coach Prime gave a befitting reply to all, voicing his disappointment for all who doubted him. In an address, Sanders said,

“Your opinion of me is not the opinion that I have of myself. You ain’t make me so you can’t break me.”

Deion Sanders is known for his gift of the gab, which he has utilized well to his advantage. But this time, the LSU star put a shortened version of Pime’s speech to silence the haters.

Reese also shared the video of Deion Sanders on her IG story, making it clear that Coach Prime has a tremendous influence on the entire sports community.

Angel Reese Remains Active Online Amidst Her Cryptic Absence From LSU

The intense online chatter about Angel Reese’s absence has become unsettling for the fans. Her whereabouts have remained under the drapes, with no further dates of her comeback made public. It only got worse when the LSU Lady Tigers star missed two straight games.

Moreover, her active online presence has caused the NBA community to raise speculations to another level. Kim Mulkey, the LSU coach, has also preserved her silence around Reese’s absence. Answering the questions by reporters per FOX News, she said,

“Sometimes you want to know more than you’re entitled to know. I’m going to protect my players. Always.”

Angel Reese’s mysterious absence from LSU practices has caused a whirlpool of speculation. The cagey attitude of the coach and Reese’s increased social media activity have worsened the situation for fans who look forward to the matchup against the Virginia Cavaliers on Nov. 25.

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