Average NFL Head Coach Salary: How Much Do NFL Head Coaches Make in a Year?

Snehith Vemuri
|Published 09/06/2021

Being a head coach in the NFL is arguably one of the most difficult tasks in sports. While the job security is low, coaches are well-compensated financially.

Leading an NFL team, which can at some point near 100 players in size, is no simple process. Head coaches have to build strategies, manage players, coordinate with other coaches and the front office, and when things go wrong, take all the blame.

That’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but it gives an idea of why the job is so stressful. On top of this, the road to the top is long and difficult, but once you get there, you’re heavily scrutinized and can be fired at any moment.

At a time when there is much debate over how much athletes and coaches should be paid, it is natural to wonder how much NFL head coaches earn in general. Here’s what the numbers tell us:

  • Taking the mean of all current head coaches for whom data is available (25 of them), an NFL Head Coach Earns $6.692 million annually, on average.
  • The median salary from the available coaches is $5.5 million.

The remaining 7 coaches are mainly newly appointed ones, so the financial aspect of their contracts is still a mystery. However, coaches like Matt Nagy and Sean McDermott’s salaries are simply not publicly available.

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List of all NFL Head Coach Salaries 2021

  1. Bill Belichick – $12 Million
  2. Urban Meyer – $12 Million (reportedly)
  3. Pete Carroll – $11 Million
  4. Jon Gruden – $10 Million
  5. Sean Payton – $9.8 Million
  6. John Harbaugh – $9 Million
  7. Matt Rhule – $8.5 Million
  8. Sean McVay – $8.5 Million
  9. Mike Tomlin – $8 Million
  10. Andy Reid – $8 Million
  11. Bruce Arians – $8 Million
  12. Ron Rivera – $7 Million
  13. Kliff Kingsbury – $5.5 Million
  14. Robert Saleh – $5 Million
  15. Joe Judge – $5 Million
  16. Matt LaFleur – $5 Million
  17. Vic Fangio – $5 Million
  18. Frank Reich – $4.5 Million
  19. Zac Taylor – $4.5 Million
  20. Mike McCarthy – $4 Million
  21. Mike Zimmer – $4 Million
  22. Kevin Stefanski – $3.5 Million
  23. Kyle Shanahan – $3.5 Million
  24. Mike Vrabel – $3 Million
  25. Brian Flores – $3 Million

Note: The salaries of David Culley, Matt Nagy, Sean McDermott, Brandon Staley, Dan Campbell, Nick Sirianni, and Arthur Smith are unknown.

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