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“Biggest Diva In The League”: Bills Mafia Turns On Stefon Diggs After Swift Exit

Anushree Gupta

"Biggest Diva In The League": Bills Mafia Turns On Stefon Diggs After Swift Exit

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs became the heart and soul of the Buffalo Bills offense for four years. The thrilling and unforgettable moments he provided made it tough for fans to bid him farewell. However, a segment of the Bills Mafia hasn’t made it easy on the 31-year-veteran, buzzing social media with harsh comments.

Saying his goodbyes, Stefon Diggs expressed gratitude to the city, his teammates, and the passionate Buffalo Bills fans, acknowledging the special bond they shared. Meanwhile, Brandon Beane, the Bills’ general manager also addressed the trade, emphasizing the team’s commitment to winning despite the tough decision.  Even though all parties seemed at ease, the fans are still coming to terms with the major change.

However, the reaction from a section of the Bills Mafia was swift and sharp. Once hailed as a hero, Stefon Diggs was labeled as the ‘Biggest Diva in the League’ by an embittered fan. The betrayal stuck by his departure with questions being raised about his loyalty and dedication to the team.

The debate about Diggs’ loyalty soon led to memes and heated debates, with some fans burning the WR’s jerseys in protest. At the same time, enflamed comments like “Good move by Bills to move on.” and “Diggs has not caught a TD since before Thanksgiving,” showed how quickly fans changed gears to label their beloved player a traitor.

Amidst the turmoil, Stefon Diggs tried to remain composed, addressing the trade and expressing his fondness for the Buffalo Bills. He even put up an Instagram post, in response to the backlash, calling his time with the Bills the ‘four best years of his life’.

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However, the damage was done, and the once-loved star was already being treated as an enemy. As the dust settled, the Bills Mafia also looped in others to vent out their disappointment on Diggs’ departure.

Josh Allen Also Gets Looped in X Banter of Stefon Diggs’ Exit

Amidst the uproar over Stefon Diggs’ departure, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen suddenly found himself in the middle of social media banter. Fans looped Allen in, questioning the kind of support he would receive next season. Diggs’ trade to the Houston Texans has left a vacancy at wide receiver and fans are doubtful about the team’s ability to fill the gap.

While frustrated fans expressed concern over Josh Allen’s prospects without his star receiver, memes depicting the QB playing both positions flooded social media. One particularly creative fan uploaded a meme showing a player throwing a pass and then catching it himself, humorously suggesting that Allen might need to take on both roles in the absence of adequate support in 2024.

Meanwhile, Brandon Beane, the Bills’ general manager, shed light on Allen’s reaction to the trade via The Mirror. He revealed that Allen didn’t know about Stefon Diggs’ exit but was hinted about the possibility of a major change.

 “I have not talked to [Allen] since the move. He’s on the West Coast, so probably woke up to – whenever that move went down, he might have been asleep,” said Beane.

With Diggs’ departure leaving a gaping hole in the Bills’ offense, the team faces a battle to find a suitable replacement. Meanwhile, it will be intriguing to see how Stefon Diggs adjusts to his new surroundings, and if the trade will lead to better opportunities in the future.

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