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Boss Pat McAfee Gifts a $21,000 Cadillac to Employee Which Almost Gets Crashed on the Way Out

Aniket Srivastava

Boss Pat McAfee Gifts a $21,000 Cadillac To Employee Which Almost Gets Crashed On the Way Out

Pat McAfee proved he is a generous boss as he went to great heights to gift one of his behind-the-scenes talents, a luxurious car. The former Indianapolis Colts punter joined the Mecum Auctions live from his show on Wednesday, where he revealed his wish to buy a car for his employee, Casey Hamel.

Casey Hamel is an important member of “The Pat McAfee Show,” as he clips the interesting highlights of the show and then shares them across all the necessary social media platforms.

In the auction, McAfee had his eyes set on a 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoner, which was his first choice for Hamel. However, even after bidding $27,000 on it, he couldn’t get his hands on it as the bid rose above $30,000, as per The Sun. However, McAfee did not lose hope, as he was determined enough to surprise his editor.

Soon, a 2002 Cadillac Escalade made an entrance with just 16,000 miles in the auction, and everyone knew this would be the one McAfee would go for. He asked his agent, Zach Sowinski, who was acting as a proxy at the auction, to place a $21,000 bid on the timeless beauty, and the bid was successful. As the studio celebrated, Casey Hamel, known as “Tok,” stepped forward to thank Pat McAfee, who had congratulated him.

The next day, Pat stopped by Mecum Indy to pick up his Escalade, where he also appeared in an interview to talk about his purchase. The former NFL star couldn’t help but rave about how Escalade was a very popular car in the early 2000s and every rapper used to have it on their music video.

McAfee felt he got the car at the right price, and it was a perfect gift for Casey Hamel. The show staffer had recently moved to Indianapolis from Massachusetts and didn’t have a car, so McAfee took the opportunity to gift him one.

Furthermore, Pat McAfee explained how Tok was extremely excited and acted like a kid as he sat inside his new car. He was pumped up and screaming, and as he drove past, he almost crashed into a 1954 Chrysler but managed to avoid it. Pat McAfee definitely made Casey Hamel’s day, one he’ll remember forever.

McAfee’s Exciting 1966 Ford Bronco Purchase at Mecum Auctions

Pat McAfee not only bought the Cadillac Escalade but also revealed he purchased a 1966 Ford Bronco U13 through Mecum Auctions in Indianapolis. McAfee revealed he and his wife wanted the antique car at all costs and revealed they were around $100k deep in that auction before they finally won the bid.

“My wife just bought a 1966 Bronco off the bid goes on a lot so yeah, we’re about 100,000 already deep into this thing got a donation to give for curing kids cancer, which is a wonderful thing that Mecum does,” McAfee added.

The ex-Colts man also mentioned that all the money from auctioning motorcycles, cars, and tractors at the Mecum Auction will go to charity to help organizations find a cure for children’s cancer. He felt good knowing the money would be used well and said he would always be a part of this auction in the future.

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