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Caitlin Clark Joins Tom Brady and Joe Biden in Blocking Antonio Brown After Recent Controversy

Yagya Bhargava

Caitlin Clark Joins Tom Brady and Joe Biden in Blocking Antonio Brown After Recent Controversy

Caitlin Clark makes waves with her first block as an Indiana Fever, capping off a whirlwind week. From the WNBA draft to a guest appearance on “SNL,” and a not-so-amusing run-in with an Indianapolis sports columnist, Clark’s week has been packed with intensity. Now, she adds blocking former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown on X, formerly known as Twitter, to her list of activities.

In the past week, Antonio Brown faced a swift backlash after unleashing a series of offensive and abusive tweets directed at the WNBA’s first overall pick, Caitlin Clark. It got to a point where the former Hawkeyes point guard felt compelled to retaliate, particularly taking offense to his comment, insinuating that she “looks like she keeps it hairy.”

Brown continued his tirade, referring to her as his “Cracker of the Day” and comparing her to “Cousin It.” The latter reference was a nod to a character from the Addams Family, who is fully covered with hair. Moreover, this isn’t the first time Antonio Brown has faced repercussions for his unpleasant remarks.

NFL legend Tom Brady and even POTUS Joe Biden recently blocked the ex-Patriots man from their timelines. However, Antonio seems to take it all in stride, finding amusement in the chaos. For instance, he recently labeled himself as the “Only person in the world blocked by both Tom Brady and Joe Biden

Despite the controversies, Antonio Brown remains unfazed by the series of blocks on X, continuing to push boundaries with his bold statements. Prior to Caitlin Clark, Tom Brady, and Joe Biden, Brown even targeted LeBron James, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. His actions went beyond mere jests, diving into fake X-rated editing of a moment rooted in respect.

Antonio Brown Belittles LeBron James

Antonio Brown possibly stirred up trouble with LeBron James, in March 2024, by sharing a photoshopped image featuring the NBA star alongside Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis. The incident occurred when LeBron, who was sidelined due to an injury, attended the Lakers vs Bucks game at the Arena.

Despite the Lakers’ dominance on the court, a video of the trio’s intriguing body language while sitting together went viral, sparking speculation among fans. A Twitter user arguably nailed a perfect lip reading of the interaction, suggesting that LeBron James wished “Happy International Women’s Day” to Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis, with the pair responding with a “Thankyou.”

LeBron then praised them, saying, “Y’all are two of the most powerful women in sports… Y’all deserve it.” Now, Antonio Brown has steered the online conversation in a controversial direction by sharing an edited image of LeBron James in bed with two women. Alongside the image, Brown wrote, “He Got Game 2,” fueling the controversy.

LeBron James opted not to respond to the tweet, but it underscores Antonio Brown’s knack for stirring up controversy with his social media activity. Whether it’s drawing ire or leading to people blocking him, Brown’s recent comments on prominent figures have only fueled their frustration.

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