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Can Patrick Mahomes Outshine Tom Brady by 2030? Unlocking the Future of Chiefs’ Quarterback

Yagya Bhargava

Can Patrick Mahomes Outshine Tom Brady by 2030? Unlocking the Future of Chiefs Quarterback

As the NFL’s perpetual debate rages on over who reigns supreme between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, is Mahomes slowly creeping up on the GOAT? The comparison goes beyond football prowess to encompass their respective journeys. While Mahomes stands at a juncture filled with promise, Brady’s legacy looms large.

The YouTube channel PickSix recently presented compelling statistics suggesting Mahomes may just dethrone Brady as the GOAT if he’s able to maintain longevity. The data reveals that Patrick Mahomes outperformed Tom Brady in nearly every category imaginable in the first seven years of his career. From passing yards and touchdowns to completion percentage, rushing yards rushing touchdowns, and even interceptions.

While Mahomes is on the right path, surpassing Tom Brady by 2030 might seem like a tall order, primarily due to the need to translate statistical superiority into championship rings. With Brady boasting seven Super Bowl rings, Mahomes would have to clinch five titles in the next six years to match that feat.

The biggest challenge for Mahomes would be replicating Brady’s longevity. With 89,214 passing yards, 649 touchdowns, and 251 QB wins, per ESPN, he’s set a seemingly insurmountable benchmark. To surpass Brady, Patrick Mahomes would need to rack up over 60,000 yards and maintain an average of 4,676 yards per season, over a 20-year span.

That’s like throwing for 275 yards every game for the next 13 years! Furthermore, to match Brady’s 649 touchdowns, Mahomes would need to average 33 passing touchdowns each season. As for wins, Mahome would have to secure a minimum of 14 wins per season for the next 13 years. And let’s not forget about those seven Super Bowl rings.

Adding another five championships to his trophy case seems like a Herculean task, but Mahomes has shown flashes of brilliance in his early career. Can he rise to the occasion and rewrite the record books? Only time will tell.

Reflecting on Patrick Mahomes’ Initial Years As Compared To Tom Brady

Bridging the gap between these two supremely talented quarterbacks involves more than on-field feats; it’s about navigating challenges and shaping a lasting legacy. Brady and Mahomes both began their NFL journey as backup quarterbacks, seeing limited action in their rookie season.

Brady’s opportunity arose in his season with the Patriots, leading to a Super Bowl championship. Meanwhile, Mahomes took the reins as a full-time starter for the Chiefs, guiding them to the AFC Championship game, albeit falling short of Brady’s Patriots. Despite the loss, Mahomes amassed over 5,000 passing yards, something one generally doesn’t see. During his tenure as a full-time starter, he consistently surpassed 4,000 passing yards and 26 touchdowns each season.

Conversely, Brady took longer to achieve these milestones, only reaching 4,000 passing yards in his sixth season and requiring Randy Moss to surpass 30 touchdowns per season. In modern times, with the ongoing debate about QBs as game changers versus game managers, Brady was initially considered more of a game manager.

Given Mahomes’ relatively brief seven-year tenure in the NFL compared to Brady’s illustrious career, it’s reasonable to expect Mahomes to eventually reach Brady’s level of success. Additionally, Brady benefited from playing on teams with elite defenses during his early years. However, this doesn’t diminish Brady’s achievements; it simply reflects the different circumstances of that era.

Mahomes faces the challenge of maintaining the current pace of his success, which may be difficult in the evolving NFL landscape. However, he possesses the talent and drive to, if not outshine, reach Brady’s stature. That being said, their saga transcends the sport, shaping the narrative of NFL greatness for generations to come.

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