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Chiefs HC Andy Reid Claims Patrick Mahomes Has the Skill to Pursue This Sport Professionally

Anushree Gupta

Kansas City Chiefs Receiver Rumors: How Patrick Mahomes & Andy Reid's Presser Hints at New Weapon Incoming

Patrick Mahomes and football are no less than a match made in heaven. However, if Mahomes had to choose another sport, where else could he fit well? Considering his athleticism and perfectionist nature, he could fit anywhere. Though the ruling Super Bowl champion has made his place in the league, his mentor and coach Andy Reid claims he could do just as well in the sport the 3x Super Bowl winner claims to be his “first love.”

Though Reid now finds him as a centerpiece of his dream team, he knows Mahomes’ formidability as a baseball player, as he said in his interview for TIME,

“He was a heck of a baseball player,” added Reid in his interview with TIME. Adding more on Mahomes’ familiarity with baseball, he remarked, “He grew up around it. I’m sure he can play in the major leagues. I mean, he’s pretty gifted.”

Patrick Mahomes, in a recent interview with TIME, opened up about his first love-baseball, “One thousand percent, baseball was my first love”. As the son of Patrick Mahomes Sr., a pitcher who played for 11 years with seven different teams, the Chiefs quarterback grew up around multiple baseball stars and clubhouses.

Though Reid agrees with Mahomes’ talent in baseball, not everything has been to plan for Mahomes, who is now eyeing a three-peat for his team. Mahomes wanted to play both football and baseball in college for three years, and then register for the MLB draft. Instead, he has now made himself into one of the best players that the football league has seen. However, if Patrick Mahomes were to have a multi-sport career like once Deion Sanders did, there are some stipulations from Andy Reid.

Patrick Mahomes Aims to Practice in MLB

The Chiefs are moving toward their dynastic status with Patrick Mahomes’ leadership, aiming for their third consecutive Super Bowl. Despite the hard battle, his love for baseball hasn’t faded. Mahomes is a minority owner of the Kansas City Royals and intends to attend their spring training to keep his baseball skills honed.

“I’ve talked to the Royals. And if I can maybe go out to a spring training, I’m not opposed to that,” added Mahomes.

However, per Andy Reid, the idea is still sinking in. Even as he claimed that he would love to accompany Mahomes in MLB, it wasn’t a clear green light. But none of Patrick Mahomes’ achievements came without Andy Reid by his side. Therefore, while agreeing on his skill and talent for another sport, Reid advocated himself as Mahomes’ manager even in MLB.

In a world of possibilities, Patrick Mahomes doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned. For any sportsperson like Mahomes’, it would be a great update to add another sport to his resume. But, for the Kansas City Chiefs fans, the question remains- are they ready to share Mahomes? Well, at least not till the historic three-peat.

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