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Colin Kaepernick Accuses His Adoptive Parents of Perpetuating Racism for the Second Time in Less Than a Month

Deepesh Nair

Colin Kaepernick Accuses His Adoptive Parents of Perpetuating Racism for the Second Time in Less Than a Month

The athlete-turned-civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick recently found himself in hot waters after accusing his adoptive parents of perpetuating racism. Fans criticized the veteran for his scathing remarks and questioned his activism, asking why he was unnecessarily dragging his childhood guardians.

It seems the former quarterback has no plans to stop. For the second time in a month, Kaepernick has blamed his parents for possessing “very problematic elements” that cost his upbringing in different ways.

His statement certainly came as a surprise for many people because he was brutally roasted on social media for his previous revelations. But now he rubbed more salt over the wounds and is expected to spark new debates online.

Colin Kaepernick provides more clarity in his new statement

The 35-year-old QB, noe known more for his activism and nationwide campaigns, is one of the most controversial NFL veterans in the country. After he accused society of insinuating racism, Kap went after his parents a while ago. He mentioned that the reason behind his cornrows was his mom.

However, these explanations didn’t go well with a lot of people as soon as they started circulating on the internet. Even his followers lashed at him for calling out his white parents(Rick and Teresa Kaepernick).

In the latest interview, Kap addressed the issue with Eve L. Ewing, co-author of his childhood autobiography, ‘Change the game’. “I’ve had a lot of responses from other transracial adoptees on that front,” he said, per

“It’s very difficult for people to have a nuanced conversation about this, like, yeah, people who love you and love you can also perpetuate very problematic elements, and those things can exist at the same time. time,” he added.

Kaepernick has released several documentaries & books to spread awareness about his mission

Kap played for six seasons in the NFL, primarily for the San Francisco 49ers. He kneeled for the national anthem back in 2016 and thereby kick-started his controversial saga of civil rights activism. His protests received nationwide recognition, and Kaepernick started writing books and being featured in documentaries to convey his message.

‘Colin in Black and White’ was one of the most recent docu-series highlighting his hardships and struggles growing up in a biased environment. His children’s book “I Color Myself Different” became one of the bestsellers in the market. Similarly, many of his projects are still underway and are expected to be released soon. Readers can stay tuned for more updates on Kap and his mission.

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