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“Cowboys Haven’t Sniffed a Super Bowl in 30 Years”: Dak Prescott Gets a Wake-Up Call as Dallas Teams Shine in NBA, NHL & MLB

Yagya Bhargava

$60 Million for Dak Prescott? Rumors Make NFL World Scoff and Snipe

The city of Dallas is a sporting paradise, with championship pedigrees radiating from the Mavericks, Stars, and Rangers. Yet, one crown jewel has lost its luster — the iconic Dallas Cowboys. A ghastly 30-year drought since their last Super Bowl appearance looms large. At the epicenter of this malaise stands quarterback Dak Prescott, a man shouldering tremendous pressure to restore the team’s glory days.

On the recent episode of “2 PROS & A CUP OF JOE,” hosts Brady Quinn, LaVar Arrington, and Jonas Knox issued a resounding wake-up call to Prescott, urging him to acknowledge the gravity of his situation. As they astutely observed, the Cowboys’ quarterback finds himself overshadowed by the likes of Jacob deGrom, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and Max Scherzer.

The harsh truth? “The Cowboys haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl in 30 years.” Moreover, LaVar Arrington, never one to mince words, delved into the psychological battleground waging within Prescott. He declared:

“It’s more of an egotistical thing that’s driving this because he has made his money and if it doesn’t work out. He will still be commanding top dollar on the open market if they were to let him go. So he’s kind of in a win-win situation here.”

An unflinching assessment, yet one laced with brutal honesty. Prescott’s on-field prowess is undeniable, and his market value is unassailable regardless of team success. But the ever-loyal Cowboys faithful demand more than individual accolades — they crave championship glory, their faith serving as both an irresistible siren song and an anvil weighing heavy on Dak Prescott’s shoulders.

As the 2024-25 campaign looms on the horizon, LaVar believes the stakes have never been higher. If he fails to capture that elusive Lombardi Trophy, the Dallas fans’ patience may finally reach its nadir. The franchise could be forced to turn the page, entrusting their future to a new hero capable of restoring their faded aura.

The hosts reckon, for Dak Prescott and the legions of Cowboys faithful, it is a make-or-break season that will etch their legend in stone or relegate them to negligible shadows.

Is the Pressure of Dallas-Based Teams’ Success Getting to Dak Prescott?

While other Dallas teams bask in championship glory or are close to winning one, the Dallas Cowboys stick out like a sore thumb lately. But their star QB, Dak Prescott, isn’t sweating the extra pressure; he’s embracing it head-on.

The three-time Pro Bowler is unfazed, asserting that the success of teams like the Mavs, Stars, and Rangers only motivates him and the team. He said, before the first OTAs, per Jon Machota:

“It’s not jealousy, but it fires you up. I want it for them. Go win it. Rangers did it. Other two go do it. Put more f—ing pressure on us.”

As contract talks loom, money’s not Prescott’s top priority right now. He’s still stinging from last year’s shocking Wild Card exit against Green Bay after the Cowboys looked primed for the NFC title game.

With the 2024-25 season on the horizon, all eyes are locked on Dak to see if the ultra-talented gunslinger can finally elevate his game and cement his superstar status in Dallas.

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