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CU Legend Believes Deion Sanders Could Leave Buffaloes Only For the “Blue Bloods” Of College Football

Sauvik Banerjee

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Deion Sanders has shaken the football world with his incredible coaching that turned around CU like a switch. Everyone is impressed by Coach Prime’s feat and so is the CU legend Chad Brown. With each passing week, interest in signing Deion Sanders as a coach is growing more and more but Brown states that he will leave the Buffs only when there is a “blue blood” calling.

In his chat with TMZ, the former Steelers Linebacker talked about Coach Prime’s regime at full length. Considering Deion Sanders’ strong start to the season with a team that recorded 1-11 last year it is no surprise that he is currently the center of the college sports. And with these many eyes on him, multiple schools want him to head the program.

CU Legend Chad Brown Evaluates On Deion Sanders Leaving Buffaloes

Chad Brown acknowledged that there has been a lot of interest in Deion Sanders but as he has seen enormous success with the Buffs the list of schools that he would leave for has become “smaller and smaller” over time. He even addressed that, “At some point, a school from the SEC or the Big 10 was gonna offer him double what the Buffaloes are paying him.”

That said, it’s no surprise that Coach Prime’s value has shot up through the roof, especially in the past few weeks. But Brown believes that Prime would be in Colorado for a long time. And given the fact that Shedeur has never been coached by anyone other than his father Deion Sanders, it is believed that Prime would stay until his son gets drafted into the NFL.

With that in mind, he also suggests that with the increase in Coach Prime’s value, he would not opt for anything less than a top school in a top league. “Now I think he would not leave unless it’s for one of the true blue bloods of college football,” Brown added. “It’s gotta be an Ohio State, it’s gotta be an Alabama, it’s gotta be in Michigan, maybe his alma mater Florida State.” 

Brown On Colorado’s Fixture Against Oregon

The Colorado Buffaloes are up for a challenging few weeks since Travis Hunter is out for three weeks and Shedeur Sanders would have to lead his team against undefeated USC and Oregon. However Brown believes that Oregon is still a winnable game for Coach Prime since “they didn’t play to their level against Colorado State,” and there is still a lot more room for improvement against them.

“Without Travis Hunter,” Brown adds. “The Buffs are certainly going to be missing his talent on both sides of the ball. But I think Oregon is a winnable game for the Buffaloes.” He says that a lot of times it boils down to the competitiveness of the two quarterbacks and in this case, Shedeur is better than Oregon’s Bo Nix. That said, it would still be seen if they could pull a miracle against Caleb Williams’ mighty USC.

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