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“That Will All Fade”: CU Legend Doesn’t Buy the Deion Sanders Hype in Colorado After Three Losses

Samnur Reza

“This Ain’t It Deion”: Deion Sanders Receives Massive Backlash for What He Had to Say About His Offensive Line After CU Loss

Ever since Deion Sanders’ Colorado takeover, the team has shown significant improvement, even increasing their wins fourfold compared to last year. The Prime effect is on full display, as the city has made a whole lot of money from sold-out arenas and an increase in tourism and ticket sales. However, not everyone is buying into the hype, including the college’s legendary alumni.

CU’s performance this season has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, with three losses out of seven games. The buzz appears to have slowed down after these humiliating losses, and the CU Hall of Famer turned broadcaster Chad Brown chimed in to turn down the Prime hype as well.

CU Hall of Famer Rejects the Deion Sanders Hype

Colorado Buffaloes’ heart-wrenching upset loss against the Stanford Cardinal has become the talk of the town. CU’s already-struggling defense was taken apart piece by piece, and they couldn’t maintain a staggering 29-point lead from the first half, losing in 2OT. Even their Bowl eligibility has become a concern, and the CU Hall of Famer Chad Brown had similar thoughts.

In a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports, the former linebacker expressed how the initial ride with the team has been fun, but they seriously need some wins in order to keep the momentum going. He further elaborated on how it could all change, by adding,

The attention to the program, the eyeballs in Colorado’s way, that will all fade, if the Buffaloes, I don’t think, become Bowl eligible,” followed by, “With our society, we love to hype people up, and then we love to chop them down. So, for the Buffaloes and coach Prime, they gotta, at least, like I said, get to six wins, and Bowl eligible, in order for this thing to keep moving forward.

Notably, the Buffaloes must win at least two games in their last five games, while maintaining a minimum .500 winning percentage to make a bowl game. Nevertheless, the hype around the team has significantly frozen over the last few weeks after their matchup against Stanford.

Colorado’s Devastating Loss Against the Stanford Cardinal Stifles Hype

CU’s defense and offense excelled in the first half of the bout, accumulating over 330 yards and giving up a mere 115 yards. This resulted in a 29-point lead for the team, but they still managed to blow it off. In a double overtime, visiting Stanford took home the victory by a score of 46-43.

This upset loss sparked severe backlash for CU, and their star QB, Shedeur Sanders, also came under fire for promoting merchandise during half-time. Furthermore, the team faced severe penalties and was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct for refusing to shake hands with opponents following the game.

CU is currently at the end of their bye week and set to face the UCLA Bruins on their home turf, in yet another sold-out arena. The anticipation remains palpable, however; it has significantly dropped since their recent losses.

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