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Dak Prescott Catches Strays From NFL Fans After Being Named #1 in NFC

Utsav Khanna

Analyst Dismisses Dak Prescott For Not Being Worth a Jared Goff Deal

With an MVP-esque season under his belt, PFF has ranked Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott atop all NFC quarterbacks. Seemingly based on their individual performance from last year and giving them points according to their coveted system, Prescott outdid all other 9 other quarterbacks. Yet, social media users quickly turned on Prescott.

Fans pointed out the same issues that the Cowboys are always blamed for: not winning when it matters, not performing up to expectations, and the existence of better talent elsewhere.

Behind Prescott was LA Rams’ Matthew Stafford, followed by Eagles’ Jalen Hurts. And a lot of fans believe that putting a quarterback who has not won at the highest level before two who have showed up, seems unfair. Here’s what fans had to say:

Brock Purdy and Jordan Love received a lot of support for being in the top 5. And some believe that the young quarterbacks have more potential and a higher ceiling than Prescott, giving them the edge right now:

The crux of the matter remains winning it all. No matter what Prescott achieves individually, this fanbase is looking for a Lombardi. They don’t show up on the longest losing streaks yet, but soon they will start showing up on lists that are adorned by mostly the Jaguars, the Jets, and sometimes the Bengals.

With the way things are going for the team, it isn’t far away when they start falling from grace. The moment the team starts showing glimpses of having gotten it together in the regular season, they unspool in the postseason like yarn

And Prescott carries a lot of that blame on his shoulders. Despite not being the main problem in Dallas, far from it, he still runs in a seemingly flawed system. Thus, his actions tend to go in vain. And his statistics are seen as padded and garbage time stats. The 12 wins are glazed over, the MVP-calibre season ignored, and all the fans can see are his ring-less fingers. It doesn’t help matters that his team also doesn’t show much faith in him.

Reports Suggest Delaying Dak Prescott’s Deal is Hurting Dallas

Recent reports suggest that by not paying Dak Prescott and signing his extension, the Cowboys are inadvertently affecting their chances to get better. Seemingly a counterproductive move, it goes against their argument about why a deal has not been done yet.

According to the mathematics done by journalists, Jerry Jones saying that they are waiting for other dominoes to fall could be about CeeDee Lamb or Prescott. But if it is about their QB, then they are hampering the opportunities to get better. They are missing out on free agents and skipping over marquee options. Since they do not know what the salary cap situation will be like next year, they could not sign anyone.

Logically, they had just two options, extend or trade. And they have chosen none of the above. Instead, they are going into the season with the second biggest salary cap hit of the league and a quarterback they don’t seem fully invested in.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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