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Dak Prescott Comments On Watching Other Dallas Teams Take Over Mainstream: “It’s Not Jealousy ..”

Ayush Juneja

Jerry Jones Criticized for Weak Strategy in NFL Draft 2024 As Cowboys Keeps Dak Prescott Waiting

The Dallas Cowboys couldn’t seem to get over the hump as the franchise continues to struggle to leave its mark in the postseason despite performing well in the regular season over the years. While Jerry Jones’ team struggles, the other Dallas sports teams have tasted success over the past year or so which has fired up Dak Prescott.

While the Cowboys haven’t played an NFC Championship game in nearly three decades, struggling to get past the divisional round, the Texas Rangers clinched the World Series last season and now, the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars are playing in the NBA and NHL Western Conference finals and have chance to lift the silverware well before America’s Team, who lifted their last Lombardi in 1995.

Mavs are now in their 5th conference finals since 2000. Two NBA Finals.


The Stars also have 5 appearances in their conference finals in the same period. Two Stanley Cup Finals.


The Rangers have 3 trips to the ALCS & 3 WS trips. 

Cowboys…sold a lot of tickets?

— Nathan Wood (@itsnatewood) May 19, 2024


A proud thing for the local Dallas area fans but it would make any Cowboys fan or player jealous. But not Dak who is more fired up than jealous. Their wins put more pressure on Jerry’s team and Prescott to win. As per ESPN, the Dallas shot-caller stated that while he is elated for the other Dallas teams and wants them to win, he knows their wins will raise the stakes for him as the leader of the Cowboys.

But he is relishing this pressure and is not hiding from it. He said,

“It’s not jealousy, but yeah, it fires you up, 100%. Watching your brothers across the city go and make these things happen, I want it for them. I want it because it only raises the stakes and makes it tougher on me. And I’m for that. Go win it. Rangers did it. The other two go do it. Put more f—ing pressure on us.”

The pressure is always ski high on the Cowboys and Dak Prescott to deliver. Especially if he gets a contract up to $50-$55 million, even though it looks like he doesn’t care for it much.

Dak Prescott, Up for a Contract Extension But Doesn’t Care for Money

Dak Prescott is on a 4-year $160 million in his last contract and going into his last year, the contract renewal talks have already been circulating. Though no progress has been made by both parties, it has been speculated that any deal that takes place will see him get over $50 million annually.

However, in his latest media availability, Prescott claimed he doesn’t care about money and just wants to play football and compete. He is patiently waiting for the people in that front office who handle the business side to get it done. He said,

“I don’t play for money. Never have never cared for it, to be honest with you. Would give it up just to play this game. So, I allow that to the business people to say what it’s worth, what they’re supposed to give a quarterback of my play, a person of my play, a leader of my play.”

The Cowboys find themselves in a pickle as their slow approach and the waiting game could prove costly to them. The Lions gave their QB Jared Goff a contract worth $53 million a year with $170 million in guaranteed money. Now Jerry would have to take out his chequebook and write a big cheque. Had they agreed on a deal before this, they could have saved a few million for sure.

Now, Dak will already cost a big chunk against the salary cap this year and if no deal takes place before the start of the next offseason, they would be left hanging with $40 million in dead cap. They also have to give new contracts to CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons. Like every year, the Cowboys continue to make noise for all the non-winning reasons.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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