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Dak Prescott Contract Extension Update: Disappointment Continues for Dallas Cowboys Off-Season

Ayush Juneja

Should Dak Prescott Move On?

After a quiet free agency and a not-so-impressive shopping spree at the NFL draft, Dak Prescott‘s Cowboys aren’t looking that great. Owner Jerry Jones stated last month that he is waiting for leaves to fall before they can make some significant moves and re-sign their impending contracts, but that hasn’t happened either. But Jerry Jones insists that he wants Prescott back, and he is in regular communication with him.

However, it seems progress hasn’t yet been made on any contract negotiations. With CeeDee Lamb and Parsons next in line for the big contracts, Jerry Jones might have to find a solution to Dak’s contract situation quickly. With no extension on the cards so far, they carry $61 million in dead cap and $55 million in cap hit this season if they don’t extend.

As per, the Cowboys owner recently stated that he is not worried about Dak being in his last year. But maybe he should be concerned because Dak is open to looking for new scenery after the 2024 season if a lucrative deal isn’t on the cards. Yet, he made it crystal clear that his heart still lies with Dallas.

As of two weeks ago, no contract discussions had begun, though Dak Prescott asserted it could begin shortly. The Cowboys QB also asserted that he is willing to agree to a mutually beneficial contract for the team, which might be music to that front office.

But once the contract extension of both Jordan Love and Tua comes, the Cowboys won’t be able to control the market forces, and they would have to shell out big bucks.

While they drafted plenty of O-Linemen and D-Linemen, they barely made any moves in free agency, signing a solitary Linebacker. Moreover, this off-season was full of running backs changing homes, but Jerry Jones failed to sign one, with the demand sum a bit too high for him ($9-$10 million). They eventually ended up signing Zeke on a year-long deal.

Stephen A. Smith Calls Jery Jones’ GM Performance ‘Horrible’

The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest franchise in the NFL, and the only thing bigger than Jerry’s club is his ego. Or, that’s what the comment sentiment has become. After promising fans they were all in, Jones played the waiting fame, and now the Cowboys find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Stephen A. Smith sees this very well and can’t help but point his finger at Jerry Jones. During a recent episode of First Take, Smith voiced his confusion about what the team and its front office actually do.

They lost LT Tyron Smith, Gallup, Tony Pollard, Dorance Armstrong, Dante Fowler, Jonathan Hankins, and Stephen Gilmore. They also missed out on getting Derrick Henry, who has since joined hands with the Ravens. Smith feels that a few of these crucial signings, especially Henry, would have moved mountains for the franchise.

It can be said with certainty that Mike McCarthy will be gone after next season, and so will Dak Prescott if they don’t put their foot on the gas. The waiting game won’t end well, just like the last time when they ended up giving him a $160 million contract.

One reason for them to back out of inking an extension with Dak could be the asking price, which ranges between $55 and $60 million. This much money for a QB who has yet to deliver in the postseason might not seem wise to many.

For now, it’s nothing but uncertain. Perhaps Jones will go on to retain Prescott and negotiate a $50 million deal, especially given that even Kirk Cousins has signed a deal in a similar range.

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