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Dak Prescott’s $60 Million a Year Deal Will Materialize This Offseason – Danny Parkins’ Hot Take

Yagya Bhargava

Dak Prescott's $60 Million a Year Deal Will Materialize This Offseason - Danny Parkins' Hot Take

The Dallas Cowboys’ potential $60 million-a-year contract for Dak Prescott has sparked debate among sports analysts. While Chris Broussard and Nick Wright believe the Cowboys are hesitant, Danny Perkins is confident the deal will happen this offseason. As Prescott’s contract extension dominates offseason discussions, many speculate he could sign a record-breaking deal, making him the league’s highest-paid quarterback.

On a recent episode of FOX’s “First Things First,” Danny questioned why the Cowboys are taking their time to close the deal, noting that delays would only increase the contract’s total value. He pinpointed that moving on from Prescott makes little sense for the franchise.

There’s no precedent in league history for moving on from a 30-year-old quarterback who’s healthy, a runner-up MVP, who you drafted and developed. You sat through the 23 touchdown, six interception years, and then he has a career year,” Danny argued. “I think it makes no sense to move on from Dak.

Moreover, Dak Prescott’s impressive 2023 season with the Cowboys bolsters Danny’s argument. He finished with over 4,500 passing yards, 36 touchdowns, and a 105.9 passer rating. Which is potentially why Danny Parkins sees letting Prescott go as a major setback for Dallas’s aspirations.

Yet, the question remains: If it doesn’t make sense for Dallas to part ways with Prescott after his contract ends, why haven’t they signed a new deal? This lingering uncertainty led Nick Wright to speculate that the contract extension might not happen at all.

Nick Wright Is “Dead Set” On Dallas Cowboys No Extending Dak Prescott’s Contract

FOX analyst Nick Wright isn’t just speculating about Dak Prescott’s contract extension, he’s “dead set” it won’t happen this offseason. Building on Danny Parkins’ earlier points, Wright articulates his understanding of why the deal is stalling, suggesting the Dallas Cowboys want to see how the upcoming season unfolds.

Dak reportedly wants $60 million. A year from now, how different is that going to be? If he has an excellent year, maybe it’s $62 million? I don’t know, but it’s not going to be $70 million,” Wright posits. “Most teams want to avoid the circus of their quarterback going into a contract year. I don’t think Jerry Jones wants to avoid the circus. I think he welcomes it.”

Nick Wright’s latest take suggests Dallas is hesitant to make Dak the league’s highest-paid player without seeing more playoff success. It’s a fair point. Despite three straight seasons with 12 or more wins, the Cowboys haven’t made it to the conference championships.

Wright believes the team is willing to gamble on Prescott’s future rather than commit to him long-term as their franchise quarterback.

It’s a risky strategy, considering Dak’s inconsistent performance. However, Danny Parkins argued it would be a huge mistake for Dallas to move on from Prescott, given his track record and the difficulty of finding a reliable QB in the NFL.

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