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Damar Hamlin Latest Update: Bills Safety’s Vitals ‘Reportedly’ Back To Normal, But is Breathing Through a Tube

Shubham Bhargav

Josh Allen

The NFL world was left shell shocked on Monday Night when Buffalo Bills’ young safety Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The horrific incident transpired during the first quarter of the game when Damar tackled Tee Higgins. Although Hamlin was able to get up quickly after the hit, he looked in terrible shape ands was struggling to maintain his balance.

Moments after that, the Bills safety collapsed leaving everyone around him in a state of shock. The medical staff rushed in and CPR was administered to the champion athlete.

Soon after that, the medical staff decided to quickly shift him to a hospital. Within 16 minutes of taking the hit, Hamlin an ambulance was called to transfer him to the nearby UC hospital. Innumerable fans quickly surrounded the medical facility to show solidarity with the star footballer.

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Damar Hamlin’s vitals are reportedly back to normal

Although it was earlier conveyed that an official update on Damar’s health will not come out until next morning, the safety’s marketing rep who has a substantial following on Twitter, posted that the footballer’s vitals are back to normal.

“His vitals are back to normal and they have put him to sleep to put a breathing tube down his throat. They are currently running tests. We will provide updates as we have them,” Damar’s marketing rep Jordon Rooney informed on Twitter.

Although a lot of fans questioned Rooney’s credibility, many claimed that he is a trusted source as he has been closely involved with the footballer for a long time. While it isn’t clear if the doctor or a close family member gave him that update, if what he has claimed is true, than a lot of fans can breathe a little easy as the safety’s vitals are back to normal.

However, still it would be too early to make any substantial claims. Moreover, one should keep in mind that the NFL, the UC Hospital or Damar’s family members, no one has issued an official statement as of now regarding the footballer’s condition. So we all have no option but to wait and hope for the best.

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