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Dan Graziano Speaks Truth on Jayden Daniels as Commanders Surge Ahead of NFL Draft 2024

Yagya Bhargava

Even Though Commanders Have No Bye Till Week 14, Jayden Daniels Should Be Thrown in Right Away

Jayden Daniels declared for the 2024 NFL draft on the back of a sensational college football season. His Heisman-winning campaign at LSU has earned him widespread attention, placing him in contention for one of the draft’s top three picks. The Washington Commanders, in particular, have their sights set on him, potentially selecting him as the second overall pick.

According to ESPN NFL Insider Dan Graziano, the Commanders are diligently evaluating quarterback prospects before the draft day commences this month in Motor City. While they are quite fond of Jayden Daniels, the franchise isn’t looking to rush their decision. With such a strong QB lineup in this draft, their decision could also shift very quickly.

There does seem to be a consensus building around the league from people you talk to, with other teams, that Daniels is the guy they like. But I’ve been told that Washington is still going through its process and hasn’t made a final determination.” Added Dan Graziano, per NFL on ESPN.

However, the Commanders have no reason to view the option of drafting Daniels as a negative one. Let’s put Jayden Daniels’ stellar 2023 season into perspective by comparing it to LSU’s previous Heisman-winning QB, Joe Burrow. Both of these quarterbacks achieved astounding success, with Burrow winning the National Championship in 2019 and being picked first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Bengals QB averaged 402.6 Total Yards/Game, slightly lower than Daniels’ impressive 412.2. Burrow boasted an average of 4.3 total touchdowns per game, while Jayden Daniels closely followed with an average of 4.2. Moreover, his passing efficiency rating of 202.0 in 2019 ranked below Daniels’ record-setting FBS rating of 208.0. The only lingering question is how well Daniels would perform at the NFL level.

Analyzing the Washington Commanders as Jayden Daniels’ Landing Spot

Washington would present an enticing opportunity for Jayden Daniels, especially with the addition of Austin Ekeler to their backfield with Brian Robinson. Daniels’ exceptional rushing abilities, strong arm, and accuracy would address the Commanders’ longstanding need for stability at the QB position, dating back to the Kirk Cousins era.

Another reason why the Commanders offer a promising environment for Daniels is their talented coaching staff. Their ace card is the new offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury, who is known for his success in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. Moreover, Kingsbury’s track record in QB development, nurturing talents like Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech and Caleb Williams at USC, underscores his value.

So his position as a quarterback guru could be a crucial asset for Daniels’ growth. However, there are certainly some drawbacks to the decision as well. The Commanders’ Achilles’ heel lies in their limited wide receiver depth chart. While the team has veteran tight end Zach Ertz and receiver Terry McLaurin, depth beyond them is lacking. This could steer the offense towards a more run-centric approach.

There’s a pressing need for the Commanders to fortify its roster despite some capable playmakers, especially for the incoming rookie quarterback. That being said, Washington is not the sole contender for the Heisman Trophy winner, as the Patriots, who are next in line, could potentially secure Daniels’ services.

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