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“Deadpool Strikes Again”: Ryan Reynolds Trolls Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, and His Wife in a Hilariously Edited Photo, Choking Fans With Laughter

Samnur Reza

“Deadpool Strikes Again”: Ryan Reynolds Trolls Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, and His Wife in a Hilariously Edited Photo, Choking Fans With Laughter

‘Deadpool’ actor Ryan Reynolds has been called many names—sometimes he’s the pioneer of modern advertising and other times he’s the people’s comedian for his unique trolling style. His recent victim was none other than Travis Kelce, whose supposed fling, Taylor Swift, recently traveled across the Atlantic with Ryan’s better half, Blake Lively.

TayTay recently took to Instagram to share a carousel of pictures from Beyoncé’s London concert film premiere. The 12-time Grammy winner wore a glittering sequin Balmain gown and posed in one of the pictures alongside Blake Lively. Taylor can be seen sitting just ahead of Ryan’s wife, leaning in close, and they are both embracing each other while posing for the camera.

As it turns out, Ryan had the perfect idea to make use of this picture. Whether it was his idea to morph it or someone else’s, this photo has sent fans into a frenzy. Both Travis Kelce and Ryan’s heads were edited to the picture that Taylor and Blake took at the London premiere. One could argue that Ryan’s Version of the picture had quite a zing to it, as the duo stares into your soul if you stare at it for a while.

The Canadian-American actor took to his Instagram story to share this picture. He inked a note for Travis and the fans, writing, “I feel like I should remember this.

Fans Are Flabbergasted by Travis Kelce and Ryan Reynolds’ Picture

A screenshot of Ryan’s Instagram story soon made its way to X (formerly Twitter). While some demanded that the NFL star and the anti-hero Deadpool recreate this picture, others couldn’t simply believe their eyes.

One of the fans wrote, “Deadpool Strikes again ”

Another fan chimed in, writing, “He has done it again I am crying

This fan had her eye on Travis, writing, “whys travis looking so cute hold on..

A Swiftie found the whole thing very funny, noting, “I’m dying this is too funny

Lastly, this fan wrote, “they should recreate the pic ngl

It cannot yet be confirmed if Taylor will finally grace the Chiefs’ upcoming matchup against the Packers, but People recently reported that both the singer and Travis were spotted by locals. They were apparently at a local pop-up bar after TayTay had attended the team’s gathering. A picture surfaced online where Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, can be seen talking to Taylor.

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