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Decoding Five Hidden Travis Kelce References in Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department” Album

Suresh Menon

"She Doesn't Care": Taylor Swift Stands by Travis Kelce Amid Graduation Beer Chug Controversy

Taylor Swift stunned her fans and music admirers alike when she dropped a 31-song-long feature album yesterday called “The Tortured Poets Department: The Manuscript”. The pop sensation’s album release left everyone in awe as people wondered how Swift managed time to write 31 songs while touring the world and being in one of the most popular relationships in sports currently with Travis Kelce. One of the standout features of every Taylor Swift album is references to her exes and current lover.

Taylor’s latest album also has references to Travis Kelce which has left the internet in a frenzy. The lyrics of the song “So High School” from the album have been doing rounds all over the internet for its galore of hidden Travis Kelce references. Here are five hidden Travis Kelce references in Taylor’s latest album “The Tortured Poets Department,” as decoded by ‘A Swift Look’ –

The hook of “So High School” is the first reference to Travis Kelce where Taylor remembers Travis attending her concert in Kansas and then eventually going to rave about it on the New Heights Podcast. Swift loved Travis’ words in the podcast and seemed to be smitten by them.

“Tell me about the first time you saw me, I’ll drink what you think and I’m high from smoking your jokes all damn night”

The next lyric describes the essence of the song and the high school student-esque activities of Travis. Taylor describes how she hangs out with Travis and her bros while they watch a cheesy high school drama like The American Pie. This imagery makes Swift feel so much like High School.

“I’m watching American Pie with you on a Saturday night, your friends are around so be quiet. I’m trying to stifle my sighs because I feel so high school every time I look at you watching American Pie.”

Next up is a lyric that only true Travis Kelce fans can catch. During press-related activities around “Catching Kelce”, Travis was asked who he would marry, kiss, or kill amongst Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. The Chiefs TE chose Taylor Swift as someone he would kiss. Taylor in her song “So High School” brings this back up and hopes that they can do all three together.

“Are you going to marry, kiss or kill me? It’s just a game but really, I am betting on all three for us two.”

As the song progresses. Taylor goes back to the initial days of the relationship. She reminisces the first time the duo went public and the butterflies she had while Travis pulled her into the back seat amidst the chaos of reporters and bystanders in awe.

“Get my car door, isn’t that sweet? Then pull me to the back seat, no one’s ever had me like not like you okay.”

Perhaps the most blatant lyrical reference comes in the final part of the song where she sticks to the high school theme and calls Travis the typical student-athlete while Taylor is the nerd, as she belts out,

“You know how to ball I know Aristotle.”

The song “So High School” apart from the Travis Kelce references has been going viral for its cheesy high school-level lyrics. Everyone on the internet is thus talking about it, including Pat McAfee who seems to be super impressed by Taylor’s song.

Pat McAfee Gives His Blessings To Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Pat in his latest edition of the show like many of us called Taylor Swift a “workhorse” for completing 31 songs while being in a hectic schedule. He then expressed his admiration for the album, especially “So High School” as he seemed to enjoy all the football references and the shootouts to Travis’ friends and dad. One of the interesting points that Pat noted however was how compatible both are with each other.

The NFL analyst revealed that based on whatever he knows about Taylor Swift through media and all he is aware of Travis, the duo perfectly cure each other’s trauma from their past relationships. Pat argued that a glimpse of their happiness and how they cure each other was seen in “So High School” where Taylor feels involved in every aspect of Kelce’s life.

“So I’m incredibly pumped for both of them. And literally since day one of this, I’ve believed just from learning about Taylor Swift through Sam and that documentary, and then knowing Travis, it’s like, wait a minute, I’m no matchmaker. But this feels like all the issues they both have had. in the past relationships, kind of get cured here if they’re together. Kind of simpatico. And we got a chance to hear that So High School song. So pumped this morning for football. It’s a beautiful time.”

He ended the discussion about the relationship by labeling it as “good for society” and rightly so. If two high-achieving, hardworking professionals can put effort and make time for a relationship, it’s truly worth getting inspired from.

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