Deion Sanders’ Son Shedeur Drives Around in a $190,000 Worth Swanky Mercedes Maybach, Due to His Massive NIL Deal With the Automobile Juggernaut

Sauvik Banerjee
|Published September 18, 2023

Shedeur Sanders is showing the world that he is Deion Sanders’ son and that he is hungry for more challenges after his late overtime victory against Colorado State. With each win, he is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in his NIL valuation. And the young QB is never shy of spending some money. With multiple expensive watches and chains, he also drives his $190,000 Mercedes-Benz to practice sessions.

The Mercedes Maybach that Shedeur drives was a result of his NIL deal with the automobile giant. He is currently the highest-valued football player in college with $4.1 million, sitting on top of Arch Manning and Caleb Williams. The only student-athlete with more NIL value than him is LeBron James’ son Bronny.

Shedeur Sanders Drives a $190,000 Mercedes Maybach

Shedeur in 2022 was seen as a star recruit who helped Jackson State with a 9-0 start to the season. The three-star QB has chalked various deals last year. From inking a contract with Gatorade to launching his own barbeque sauce, launching his own apparel company SS2, and then also partnering with the BRADY brand. But one of his most impressive deals was his contract with Mercedes-Benz.

As per On3, he was promoting the new electric EQB SUV, and he had launched his own model with a starting price of $55,550. Furthermore, he also received a car for himself which is believed to be worth at least $190,000. One of the first things that Shedeur did after getting his car was give his father Deion Sanders a ride.

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Coach Prime took to Instagram to post his special moment with son Shedeur who had just got his first luxury car. Prime was sitting on the shotgun seat, all smiles, when he reminisced that it was not the same as when he was in college. Surely the NIL has changed the landscape of college sports.

Fans Condemn NIL Policies

Shedeur Sanders is never shy of spending some good money. He is recently seen sporting expensive pieces of jewelry at games every Saturday especially after his NIL valuations racked up to a record high. Reacting to it many people condemned that the NIL policies are putting way too much money in the pockets of young athletes, instead of teaching them to be humble.

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One fan said, “Paying college athletes was a mistake.” While another fan stated, “Nothing against the individual or the kids but something tells me this is def not what NIL was intended for… I give it another 2 years max and it will trickle down to high school sports… and we wonder why athletes aren’t humble.”

It is though exciting for college athletes to bag huge money for their talents, but many challenge NIL’s policies to give them too much money at a young age. Many still debate if it does more good than teaching young adults to value money at such a crucial age.

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