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Denver Broncos News: Defensive Maestro Rex Ryan to Join Broncos Soon?

Arjun Sukumaran

The Denver Broncos are in rebuilding mode. Last season, their most expensive investment did not end up giving them the desired returns. However, this season, they are determined to fix what’s broken. Which started with hiring veteran coach Sean Payton as the head man. Now, the Broncos are reportedly thinking about bringing former Jets and Bills HC Rex Ryan as their new defensive coordinator.

According to NFL insiders Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapaport, the Broncos are seriously considering bringing the ESPN analyst on board. A team that already had one of the best defenses in the league last season, this addition could significantly boost their strength. Though, Ryan has not coached a team since 2016, serving as an ESPN analyst up until now.

His penchant for unforgettable quotes and his brilliant defensive mind is an excellent combination. Although Payton has not directly worked with Rex before, he has worked with Rex’s brother Rob Ryan. Will we see a comeback from Rob Ryan too, to maybe ease these two into their relationship?

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Struggling Denver Broncos are refitting their team with all they can afford

The Denver Broncos, for all their investments, did not have a good season last time around. Their to-be savior Russell Wilson faltered when they needed him the most, which was almost every single game. However, the Broncos are now charging into the offseason with hopes of making some vital signings that will help them get their team back to where they think it should be: the very top.

One of the biggest sections that need an overhaul is the O-line. Russell Wilson was sacked 55 times last season, a career-high for him. Payton will have to start looking for suitable replacements for almost all of those players. The Broncos could also do well looking for good pass catchers and edge rushers, capable of making defenses sweat.

Whether the Broncos pick these positions from the draft or the free agency, it’ll be exciting to see the team they field next season. Hopefully, Mr. Unlimited is all fixed by the time he’s called up again to play. If not, the Broncos’ super-rich owners may not think twice about having him as the most expensive benchwarmer in the history of the NFL.

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