Did The Kansas City Chiefs Intercept Tom Brady? A Closer Look At A Major Flag

Akhil Vajjhala
|Published 08/02/2021

What started as a moment of triumph and excitement for the Kansas City Chiefs quickly ended in huge disappointment. The Chiefs nearly came off with a turnover.


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Kansas City Chiefs Defense On Their Heels

The Chiefs have been playing quite rough, with losing upwards of 30 yards from a mere 4 penalties. Hands everywhere, the Kansas City Chiefs are in it to win it.

This backfired on them though, with a holding call by Charvarius Ward ruining a tipped ball interception by Tyrann Mathieu.

The drive would end with Brady finding Gronk for his second touchdown of the night. Brady and Gronk are quickly forming a dynamic duo in this game as they’ve accounted for all of Tampa’s scores.

Gronk hasn’t had the most dominant postseason, but he’s showing up when it really matters.

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