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“Dope as Hell”: Deshaun Watson is Super Excited to Kick Off Tom Brady’s Broadcasting Career

Suresh Menon

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A few days ago saw the NFL release its schedule for the season with much fanfare. One of the marquee matches of week one involves the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Cleveland Browns. Apart from seeing Caleb Williams debut with Deshaun Watson & Co, what’s special about the match is Tom Brady – the man doing the commentary.

As per Fox’s schedule list for its commentators, the Cowboys-Browns game will be the first-ever game that Tom Brady will commentate. From being bummed about not having an International game, TB12’s involvement in their season opener has left Deshaun Wataon & the Browns super excited.

In his latest appearance on the ‘Lockerverse’ podcast, Deshaun Watson was informed by the host Quincy Avery that Brady’s broadcasting career debut will be the Browns-Dallas match. This piece of information made Watson full of beans as this meant that Brady would surely be watching him. And with the GOAT watching, the QB has to bring his A-game.

“That’s dope as hell, super dope. The GOAT gets to watch, you know. So [I] got no choice but to put on a show,” Watson said.

Deshaun’s statements will be music to Browns fans as they need stellar performances from their attacking players after the debacle of a season last year.

Regardless, it’s truly heartening to see the respect that fellow NFL players have for Tom Brady. Watson’s excitement is a testament to the career that the GOAT has carved through his relentless hard work and consistency. A fine example of TB12’s insatiable hunger to excel can be seen through Greg Olsen’s recent revelation about him.

Tom Brady Takes Broadcasting Advice From Greg Olsen

One common element in Brady’s career has been his sheer tenacity and willingness to work hard. Having been a sixth-round draft pick, Brady was no generational talent like Caleb Williams. He was a nobody who made it in the NFL. And the impressive part about Brady’s attitude is that he still has it.

Having signed a massive 10-year deal worth $375 million with Fox, Brady wants his broadcasting career to be as good as his playing career. Hence he is actively working hard on preparation by talking to veterans including Greg Olsen, who got demoted due to Brady’s inclusion.

Speaking to USA TODAY, Olsen revealed that Brady had reached out to understand the dynamics of the job he was about to undertake. Olsen revealed that the GOAT was keen to know more about what to expect and what not in sports broadcasting. “I had a chance to speak with Tom a couple of weeks ago, and he was just kind of picking my brain about the prep and the industry and what to expect and what not,” Olsen shared.

While many expect Brady to ace this leg of his career, Olsen argued that broadcasting is not simply an extempore exercise. It involves a lot of preparation, practice, and perseverance to be good at it. Hence he warned fans that just because Brady had a great career doesn’t guarantee a stellar broadcasting career.

While Olsen’s assessment is valid, it’s hard to imagine Brady messing this up. Call it bias but having seen Brady excel in every aspect of his career so far, it’s hard to see him falter in broadcasting. Regardless, we will have fun no matter what!

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