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Drew Bledsoe Discourages Tiger Woods From Pulling a Tom Brady For a Specific Reason

Yagya Bhargava

Drew Bledsoe Discourages Tiger Woods From Pulling a Tom Brady For a Specific Reason

Drew Bledsoe is revving up for round 2 of Netflix’s special roast and is itching for an invite back. After being on the receiving end of roasts following an early spot in the lineup, he’s been pondering all the missed roast opportunities. During a recent appearance on Kay Adams’ show, “Up and Adams,” Drew Bledsoe tossed around ideas for who could be featured in Netflix’s next roast and weighed in on whether they should go for it.

Bledsoe revealed that there were several “fake rumors” about Tiger Woods featuring on the next Netflix special roast, while Kay Adams threw in names like Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, and Lionel Messi. However, both agreed that roasting Messi would be dull and that Peyton Manning should be excluded to keep the roast non-NFL.

Besides, Drew insisted that Tiger Woods should avoid being roasted since there’s plenty of material, and people can be ruthless.

Man! I don’t think he can do that, there’s too much material. I mean, he’s already been raked over the coals.”

The former Patriots QB and Kay Adams later came to the consensus that Michael Jordan would be a prime candidate for the next roast, thanks to all the juicy material.

Moreover, Drew eagerly stated he’d buy tickets in a heartbeat, just to see Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal go all out on Jordan. And why not? It would be a riot to watch comedians and NBA legends roast the basketball icon. The laughs would genuinely be endless.

Drew Bledsoe Reveals If Tom Brady Was Actually Drinking Tequila During The Roast Or Not

It seems like all the athletes who participated in “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” have become savage roastmasters themselves. During the same interview, when Kay Adams asked Drew which of his wines he’d compare to Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe playfully replied, “I don’t know.” He joked that Brady has been “such a dork these days” and suggested some “fake grape juice wine with avocados” for him.

The chat then took an amusing turn as Kay asked Drew if Tom Brady was really drinking alcohol during the roast or just faking it. Drew spilled the beans, saying there was a full bottle of tequila shared by Kevin Hart, Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski, and by the end of the roast, it was all gone.

It did suggest that the trio might’ve finished the bottle. However, Drew then joked that Gronk could easily chug the whole bottle himself, so who knows? Kay Adams still found it hard to believe that Tom Brady had that many drinks.

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