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Eagles’ Dynamic Duo Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce Used to Play Sudoku as Their Pre-Game Ritual

Yagya Bhargava

Eagles' Dynamic Duo Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce Used to Play Sudoku as Their Pre-Game Ritual

The Philadelphia Eagles players got all sorts of pre-game rituals, from DeVonta Smith’s McDonald’s breakfast to Jalen Hurts blowing a kiss to the camera. Offensive Tackle Lane Johnson recently spilled the beans about his pre-game ritual, which is actually playing Sodoku with his now-former teammate, Jason Kelce. It’s all about finding what works best, and the offensive lineman duo seems to have found theirs.

In a video posted by the Philadelphia Eagles on their YouTube page, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins joined the Eagles offensive tackle for a workout following his appearance on WrestleMania 40 — where Lane discussed building mental strength with Jason to prepare for the game.

While conversing with Rollins, Lane emphasized the significance of mental training alongside physical workouts when advising upcoming athletes. He stressed the need to be present and focused on the moment, also highlighting how practice is important in achieving the said mindset.

So, like for me, before games, like I listen to some music, but a lot of times like Kelce and I, we’re playing Sudoku. We’re doing concentration grids. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that, but it’s numbers 1-100 that are scrambled on a piece of paper and you have to go in order and find them,” Lane Johnson added.

While Seth Rollins found it interesting, Lane shared that the reason behind playing Sudoku is to enhance his cognitive abilities, such as memory, concentration, and attention to detail. He noted the importance of maintaining a professional mindset in the NFL, treating it like a job, and leaving emotions aside during games.

Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce’s Ritual Is Quite Different From What Jalen Hurts Has In Store

Returning to the point of Jalen Hurts‘ gameday ritual, while Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce focus on sharpening their cognitive skills, Hurts is all about adding a dash of love for the camera. Off the field, the Philadelphia Eagles QB is a master at expressing himself without really saying much during interviews.

However, when it’s game time, the NFL world starts seeing those little hints that there is a whole lot more to Hurts than what meets the eye! He is all about spreading the love, especially when he scores a touchdown. With 24 touchdowns last season, there were almost two dozen kisses aimed straight at the camera, and guess who’s always on the receiving end? His grandmother.

According to Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro, it’s like their own little love fest every time he scores, and it’s just the sweetest thing.

I have a cute story, though. A very endearing story where, you know, when he’s on TV, he’ll blow a kiss to the camera. And his grandmother, wherever she is watching the game will kiss the TV screen and kiss him back and that’s like a little loving ritual that they have. And I mean, he’s a very family-oriented guy. He’s just a really great teammate.” Mike Greger said, per Spadaro.

Once during training camp, Hurts didn’t hold back about his love for his grandmother. In a GQ interview, he even paused to take a FaceTime call for her, showing just how close they are.

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