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Harrison Butker Wants to be a Hall of Famer, But Isn’t Sure About Playing as Long as Morten Anderson; “There Will be Negotiations With Myself”

Aniket Srivastava

Harrison Butker

The star kicker, Harrison Butker, has played an important role in crucial games for the Kansas City Chiefs. Notably, he secured victory with a winning field goal in Super Bowl 57 against the Philadelphia Eagles. Additionally, his game-tying 29-yard field goal in Super Bowl 58 took the Chiefs into overtime, ultimately leading to a win over the San Francisco 49ers.

In a recent interview with EWTN’s Montse Alvarado, Harrison Butker opened up about his aspirations on the field. When asked about his impressive Super Bowl records for most made field goals and longest kick in Super Bowl history, Butker humbly admitted that while achieving such stats is impressive, but he doesn’t solely focus on them.

Instead, he shared his thoughts on aiming for a place in the prestigious Hall of Fame. However, Harrison Butker acknowledged that to make it to the Hall of Fame, a kicker needs to have a long career. He gave an example of a former kicker, Morten Anderson, who started his career at 22 and played until he was 47.

Anderson in his 25-year-long career, played in 382 games and scored 565 field goals in 709 attempts. He made the longest field goal of 60 yards during his time with the New Orleans Saints.

While Butker wants to play for as long as he can, he is also concerned about spending little time with his wife, Isabelle, and two kids. Butker said,

“I’m at the facility seven days a week, pretty much. I don’t want to miss their life because I am still their father, I am still my wife’s husband, I need to be president as much as I can in their lives. So there will be this this kind of negotiation with myself, as I continue and hopefully God blesses me with the ability to play for a long time.”

He states that the game schedule keeps him at the facility seven days a week during the six-month-long season and he worried about missing out on important moments in his family’s life. While he is achieving success in the field, currently, in the off-season, he is focusing on the need to prioritize his role as a devoted husband and a father.

Harrison Butker Beyond the Field

Off the football field, Harrison Butker is a family man who takes his faith seriously. Further, in the interview, he revealed how he sees himself as the leader of his family and is always trying to set a good example for his wife and kids. But being a good leader means looking at your own faults and working on them first.

At home, Butker makes sure to spend quality time with his family without any distractions like phones or social media. He believes that praying together and going to church regularly helps strengthen their bond. Even though his football schedule is hectic, Butker wakes up early on game days and still takes time to go to church with his family. The Kansas City Chiefs kicker said,

“It’s tough to wake up Earlier than probably all my teammates are to put on a suit and tie to get out the door to meet them at Mass and then to be present for the hour long liturgy and still be a father to them. But I can’t miss out on those moments with my children.”

By balancing his career with his family and faith, Butker shows that being a good person is just as important as being a great athlete. Moreover, he is setting an example not just for his family but for his fans and the entire NFL community both on and off the field.

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