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“He Doesn’t Want Patrick Mahomes To Get Anywhere Near His Record”: RG3 Professes His Thoughts On Tom Brady Returning

Sauvik Banerjee

Former Chief Answers Why Free Agents Are Not Flocking to Patrick Mahomes And Taking Discounts Yet Like They Did for Tom Brady

Tom Brady has once again caused a stir with his seductive unretirement discussions. However, Robert Griffin III was quick to drag Patrick Mahomes into the discussion by claiming that it could be one way TB12 would like to keep his career record out of the Chiefs’ QB’s way.

Joining ESPN’s Get Up crew on Monday morning, the former QB turned NFL analyst had an eager wish to see Tom Brady return to his natural habitat. Despite Brady waiting to kick start his broadcasting career and an ownership tag in the works, an unretirement seems far-fetched but not impossible for RGIII.

“Tom Brady coming back this year would be the best storyline in all of the NFL,” RGIII said. However, dragging the Chiefs’ QB into the conversation he added:

“Patrick Mahomes just won his third Super Bowl championship and everyone believes that he is on the precipice of going and challenging Brady for those seven rings based off the way that they’re set up. But now the man the myth the legend of Tom Brady comes back because he doesn’t want to allow Patrick Mahomes to get anywhere near his record and tries to extend it to eight.”

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With Brady being the only undefeated QB against Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs, the Patriots legend might need to take matters into his own hands. The Chiefs have only taken five years to enter the dynasty conversations, and it’s only a matter of time before they challenge the Patriots (who were once believed to be untouchable).

Robert Griffin III Discusses the Possibility Of Tom Brady’s Return

RGIII advocated how Tom Brady is still in his best shape and that even his last year’s statistics were nothing short of legendary. He elaborated how teams would die to contact Brady to play for them if the 46-year-old gives a nod of confirmation about his return.

Robert Griffin then pictured a scenario where a team heading to the playoffs had lost their QB1 to a season-ending injury. He expressed that that could be the perfect setup for a team to call Brady for help.

But just as Brady himself mentioned it will be seen whether the owners of other teams would let him play, now that he is trying to be a minority owner of the Raiders. Furthermore, his inclination towards pulling an unretirement speaks a ton about how he feels about the broadcasting career that awaits him.

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