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Here’s Why New England Patriots DB Christian Gonzalez Wants to Wear the Number 0 Jersey

Nidheesh Kumar

Christian Gonzalez became the first player in Patriots history to don the number 0 history. But why did he want the special number? Interestingly, the reason dates back to his college years.

The former Oregon Ducks star player used to play with the Ducks in the number 0 jersey. This numerical connection with zero prompted him to choose the same jersey as he wanted to recreate his success in college football in the NFL. 

Is he the only star wearing the No.0 jersey this season? Notably, the Washington Commanders QB Marcus Mariota also made the same call, a few days back to pick the number zero jersey this season, becoming the first QB to have zero on his jersey. Mariota is looking at a fresh start after playing second fiddle to Jalen Hurts in the Eagles last year.

Despite the similarity in the selection, the Quarterback fame NFL star didn’t have a personal reason like the Patriots star. Records suggest the former Eagles QB used No.8 for most of his career, including his college years at Oregon. 


What made the number 0 stand out this year in the NFL? Earlier, the number 0 jersey was not available to the NFL players, and it was only in 2023 that the league made the number available. As a result, the number 0 had not appeared in pro football since the AFC- NFL merger in 1970, which means Gonzalez and Mariota made their names in history books with their selection. As Gonzalez becomes the first player in Patriots history to sport the 0, here are some iconic jersey numbers from the team’s history.  

Iconic Jersey Numbers of Patriots Players

Months before the NFL 2024 season, Gonzalez etched his name by becoming the first Patriots player to wear the number 0 jersey. Historically, the New England Patriots players have donned several iconic jersey numbers. The number 12 is primarily associated with 7-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. Following TB12’s retirement, the Patriots retired his jersey number as an honorable gesture for the legend. 

Interestingly, the number 11 had two big takers  – with Julian Edelman and Drew Bledsoe wearing the same number in their Patriots careers. While 11 had two legends, the jersey number 1 was associated with Cam Newton. The veteran QB, once touted as Tom Brady’s replacement took home the number 1 jersey, but had tough luck with the Patriots. The star returned to the Panthers mid-way in the 2020-21 NFL and was not re-signed. Thus number 1 bears a painful memory in his career. 

While Cam Newton had a sedate memory with the Patriots, stars like Rob Gronkowski (87) and Randy Moss (81) shined alongside their jersey numbers. With Gonzalez taking the number 0 jersey for a personal reason, the proud Patriot has revealed his intention to go all out in the new season. The talented cornerback will look to make a mark in the NFL, having won the Defensive Rookie of the Month, in September 2023. 

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