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“I Look Like I’m 85”: Tyreek Hill Pranks Dolphins Teammates With Undercover Stint; Watch the Video

Yagya Bhargava

“I Look Like I'm 85”: Tyreek Hill Pranks Dolphins Teammates With Undercover Stint; Watch The Video

Tyreek Hill kicked off his “Youth Football and Speed Camp” in Tom’s River, NJ, on Sunday, but this wasn’t just another typical camp day. Sure, the Cheetah himself showing up at his camp isn’t shocking. But what if it wasn’t really him who showed up? In a fun twist, the Dolphins star wide receiver spent 3.5 hours in makeup to go undercover as D’Squarius Green Jr.

The Dolphins’ wideout posted a video on his YouTube channel, highlighting the extent of his transformation. His alias, D’Squarius Green Jr., was a nod to Key & Peele’s hilarious “East-West Bowl Game” sketch.

However, despite the hours spent in makeup, Tyreek’s prank didn’t go as planned when he met the kids in person—they saw right through it! Here’s the video:

Hill’s video documented the full process, from prosthetics to participating in camp activities. However, he quickly realized that the difference between his body type and makeup wouldn’t fool anyone. Even the check-in attendants recognized him solely by his voice and the way he walked. Thus, embracing the reveal, he gave a motivating speech to the young athletes.

“Welcome to the Tyreek Hill Soul Runner Speed Academy y’all. Today is going to be fun. Today is going to be electric. As you all can see I tried to dress up as a 15-year-old and I look like I’m 85-years-old but the point is though, I tried, right? So, today, all I need from you guys is to compete, have fun, and challenge yourself.” Tyreek announced.

The NFL star further urged the kids to face competitors head-on, regardless of their age or skill level. He pointed out three key lessons to be learned in his camp: a better work ethic, leadership, and discipline. Moreover, using himself as an example, he mentioned that despite not being the tallest or biggest in the league; he stands out.

Tyreek Hill Thanked the Mothers at the Camp for Bringing Their Children on Mother’s Day

While addressing the young athletes, Tyreek Hill turned to the mothers who brought their kids to the camp on Mother’s Day. He had all the kids shout “Happy Mother’s Day” to show their love and gratitude, making the moms feel special.

“I’mma say happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, you feel me? Happy Mother’s Day, that’s real important, right there. You guys didn’t have to be here. It’s your day. So thank you guys for being here,” Tyreek added.

Building on his Mother’s Day wishes, he shared that his mother remains his best friend, saying, “I love my mom to death.” He credited her for his success and jokingly added, “Don’t tell my dad the same thing.

He also wished his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, could’ve been there to see his 3-and-a-half-hour-long transformation with all the makeup at the beginning of the video.

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